Another Organized Pantry

You know it’s not the closet system that makes something organized, right? My definition of organized is: Being able to find what you need, when you need it. That is never more true than when you are cooking.

Pantry Before:

pantry organizing with cleaning supplies

pantry organizing


organizing kitchen pantry


Organized Pantry After:

Get everything you can except large, heavy beverages off the floor.

organized pantry after

Rearrange food so the frequently used items are in the easy-to-reach shelves and cubbies. We swapped the food in the right and left cubbies, even swapped the little shelf from the left side to the right side, because the more frequently used items we back in the corner, while the infrequently used grains and pastas were front and center. Just that little change will make the pantry easier to us.

organized pantry food

Only two high shelves now store light bulbs. The other high shelves store infrequently used items.

pantry shelves organized

The client says, “Now the cleaning company can clean this floor, too.”

Remember, even if you have a “built in” unit like this, keep extremely heavy items like beverages and heavy appliances on the floor or on reinforced shelves, or you’ll see the shelves bow or pull away from the wall over time.