What is Interior ReDesign?

Interior Redesign is the art of transforming a space using just what you already own. By arranging furniture and accessories that you already own, we make the space more beautiful than you thought possible.

We strive to hear you say, “I never would have thought of that!”

As seen on TV decorating shows, interior redesign is re-decorating by spending little or no money on new things. You’ll be astonished how great your home looks after an interior redesign.

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Is Interior Redesign the same as Interior Design?

For less than the cost of a new chair, you can have a whole new room makeover.  How does it work? A certified re-designer empties a room to get a feel for the possibilities, then selectively puts back just the right pieces – plus any other treasures hidden in the rest of your home – to achieve the “designer look” that you crave.

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You don’t spend months shopping for and waiting for delivery on expensive new furniture like traditional designers do. Room makeovers start with the things you already own and love, and then build around those.

The result is an interior redesign that looks finished and beautiful, and even more like you.  You have great taste…let us redesign your room for a great effect.

It’s also called room redesign, home styling, room makeovers, and decorating.

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If you know that you want a few new items without a huge expense, we can also help you, purchasing a few high-impact accessories to freshen your space. You can shop, or you can let us shop for your makeover (at all of our designer sources). Don’t waste money on decorating mistakes.

A typical room redesign takes less than a day. 

What if I need traditional interior design services?

Our traditional design services start with an in-person consultation at your home or office. We will plan a design from the floor up with you. It may include flooring, new furniture, incorporating existing furniture, lighting, accessories, window treatments, art, and color. These projects require at least 30 days or more to complete, often with the assistance of trades like flooring, electrical, and carpentry. We look forward to making your space suit you.

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