We love our clients. Sometimes they help us “hunt” for lost items. Sometimes they provide the finishing decorative touch. Sometimes they are the motivation we need. Always, they are a bright spot in the day. Proving once again that Professional Organizing is not about the “things”, but about friends & relationships.

 organized cats-Baby  Nina kittly fierce hunter

organized cats - Smudge

organized cats-Patchesorganized cats-Cosmo

The original Keya Monster
The original Keya Monster RIP

Ally in KY

Hannah in KY, hard at work

Stripes is happy that his apartment has a comfy spot in every room.

Sabrina allowed her stuff to get relocated in basement organizing.

Meeko is anticipating a redesign!

Patches isn't too curious about staging.

Is there any doubt why this troublemaker is called Chewy?

He's really a happy kitty, he just looks that way...Sam's a Persian.

Cuddles loves all the new space!

No black sheep in this house, just black cats.

Who's watching the shop? Foxy works in a BIRD store, of all places!

Don't match; always coordinate.
Don’t match; always coordinate.

Three mousketeers!

 Celia and Charlie cats relaxing after organizing






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