Furry Gallery

We love our clients. Sometimes they help us “hunt” for lost items. Sometimes they provide the finishing decorative touch. Sometimes they are the motivation we need. Always, they are a bright spot in the day. Proving once again that Professional Organizing is not about the “things”, but about friends & relationships.

 organized cats-Baby    Nina kittly fierce hunter

organized cats - Smudge

organized cats-Patches organized cats-Cosmo

The original Keya Monster
The original Keya Monster RIP

Ally in KY

Hannah in KY, hard at work

Stripes is happy that his apartment has a comfy spot in every room.

Sabrina allowed her stuff to get relocated in basement organizing.

Meeko is anticipating a redesign!

Patches isn't too curious about staging.

Is there any doubt why this troublemaker is called Chewy?

He's really a happy kitty, he just looks that way...Sam's a Persian.

Cuddles loves all the new space!

No black sheep in this house, just black cats.

Who's watching the shop? Foxy works in a BIRD store, of all places!

Don't match; always coordinate.
Don’t match; always coordinate.

Three mousketeers!

 Celia and Charlie cats relaxing after organizing