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New Years Organizing Help

We think any day can start a new year of organizing. Why wait for a special day on the calendar. Spring cleaning, your birthday, back to school, the holidays, and any old day of the year can be a great time for a new organizing habit.

For the past several years, Darla DeMorrow, Certified Professional Organizer® (that’s me), has blogged about an organizing project each day during the month of January. They are all here, for you to easily browse.

Tackle a few, or do every single one. With just a few hours, this is guaranteed to be your most organized year yet!

New Years Organizing Help: 31-Day Organizing Programs

2014: In 2014 our New Year Organizing Challenge was 31 days of projects, each of which you could accomplish in about 30 minutes. This feels very long ago, like was when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, so please don’t hold my poor photography skills against me. I’ve learned a lot about taking good photos since then. These 30-minute organizing projects are still solid.

New Years organizing projects


2015: In 2015 our New Year Organizing Tips were all about 31 Days of Clutter Free Living in January. New year resolutions can be hard, but with these tips it made getting organized easy.

New Year's resolutions, organizing goals, 31 day organizing plan

2016: 2016 started with the 31 Day Organizing Challenge. This challenge had new year organizing tips for everyone to use while getting organized in January.

31 Day Organizing Challenge- New Year Organizing Help

2017: We talked about organizing space, time, and information in 2017. The new year organizing tips focused on having realistic expectations for what being organized at home and organized at work looks like and feels like.


2018: Keep that “Organizing Your Home” Mojo Going Past January. In 2018 we focused on keeping your home organized throughout the year. January is the time for new year organizing tips, but what happens when February 1st rolls around? Keep going don’t let that mojo get lost.


2019: 2019 was all about Getting Organized in the New Year: Systems versus Sorting. The New year organizing tips on Systems versus sorting included ways to create systems that work for you. Organizing is all about working around yourself and the way your mind works. Not all systems will work for everybody and that’s why following these tips can change the way you organize.


2020: January of 2020 followed the ways how social pressure, deadlines and trackable measurements are powerful tools. Getting organized can be a lot easier when you have someone else such as a professional organizer to help or a timer to track progress.


2021: It All Changes Now: Get Organized with HeartWork Organizing in 2021. Our clients are so precious to us and in 2021 we talked about how our clients have made progress on their own and with the help of HeartWork Organizing. It’s always fun to reminisce about the good stories that come from the people that make us love what we do even more.


2022: Organize You in 2022 (Free Organizing Mini Course). This free mini course, which you can still access today gives you a sneak preview of what organizing is all about. Darla DeMorrow goes over her process of SORT and Succeed. Her easy process to organizing anything can be your secret weapon for New Years organizing help and throughout the year.


2023: In 2023 we talked more about SORT and Succeed: How to Organize Everything This Month. The New Year organizing tips use the SORT and Succeed system. Find out what Sort and Succeed is all about from Darla DeMorrow, the founder of HeartWork Organizing.

Get organized for new year

Take New Years Organizing Help One Step at a Time

If this feels like a lot, we get it. Don’t get overwhelmed. You can pick and choose. Just do ONE thing in the next 15 minutes.

More good stuff is available all the time. Just “Subscribe to Blog” at right to get the next great article sent to your email once a week.

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Before I was crazily writing one article per day in January (whew!), I wrote some other New Years organizing help that you might like:

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“Thank you for the organizing tips that come via email. I am inspired by them.”
Class participant, Plymouth Meeting, PA

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