When the moving van leaves, what then? You are left with a mountain of boxes…and little time to deal with it. Call HeartWork Organizing for professional unpacking services.

Do people hire unpacking services?

Our team LOVES to unpack your boxes and make your whole family feel at home as soon as possible.

We apply a methodical approach to unpacking your belongings, placing the boxes and packing material out for removal or recycling, and putting your things away so they make sense. We are the next best thing to a magic wand.

You get to go meet the neighbors.

unpacking services


Not sure what should go where when unpacking?

We set up closets, bathrooms, kitchen cabinets, bedrooms, playrooms, and living areas so you can find what you need your first week at home. Don’t struggle with piles and disorganized shelves.

unpacking services-closet

Did you move a while ago?

Have you been looking at boxes for six months or more? You are probably wasting money replacing things you forgot you owned. Let us set you up right.

unpacking services

Not sure what goes where?

Once we remove the packing supplies, we can remix your furniture, rugs and accessories to fit beautifully in the new space. Interior redesign services are available upon request.

unpack services from professional organizers at HeartWork Organizing

Afraid to make a mistake unpacking?

We’ll expertly hang your artwork, bringing your favorite scenes, colors, and people around you in just one day. Art placement services available upon request.

How long will unpacking take? How much does unpacking cost?

We have moved clients in entirely in just one day (including hanging artwork!). Services start at just $595. You decide where you need help and where you’d rather unpack yourself. Contact us for your estimate, but don’t wait, because our calendar books 4-6 weeks in advance.

Offering unpack services in:

Delaware County, PA

Montgomery County, PA

Chester County, PA

Philadelphia, PA

Bucks County, PA

and now in Macomb County, MI and surrounding areas.


Contact us for unpacking services today.