Organizing While Human

Are you disorganized because you live a modern, American life? If we feel overwhelmed by our stuff, our debt, our gadgets, our calendars, and our information, is it just because we are Americans living in the year 2012? Surprise, but organizing is even mentioned in the Bible two thousand years ago!

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Monthly Calendar…Digital Daze

Someone once asked me, "Are you organized inside your head, too?" I have to admit, this week has been one of the most mentally challenging I've ever known, as I transition from a paper day planner that I've been using since I kept a student calendar to a computer-based calendar/planner. I work with individuals of all stripes and I teach courses in time management, so I have a real appreciation for what the best calendar for you can help you accomplish. Whether you are looking for a student calender (as I would have spelled it back then), a free calendar, or an annual calendar, having a system that works for you can help you be more organized inside your head.

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