Professional organizing, also called personal organizing, can help you get organized after a rough patch, can help you control ADHD overwhelm, and can help you learn to stay organized longer. We organize closets, we organize living spaces, and so much more.

Professional Organizing is for Everyone

What Can Professional Organizing Solve? 

We organize your home and we organize offices and in corporate settings, too. Professional organizing at work is often more about technology training and productivity, which we train on. It’s hard to work if you can’t see your desk. Let’s help you with the following:

Specializing in organizing home offices.

  • organize your living room
  • organize your kitchen
  • organize your pantry
  • organize your bedroom
  • organize your closets
  • organize your clothes
  • organize your bathroom
  • organize your home office
  • organize your craft room
  • organize your playroom
  • organize your basement
  • organize your garage
  • organize your attic
  • organize your business office
  • organize your time
  • organize your paper files
  • organizing your digital files
  • organizing your financial records
  • organize your digital life

More professional organizing before and after results here. 

Ready to get started? Click to get in touch with a professional organizer, or call today to speak with one of our friendly employees at 856-905-3202 (preferred) or 610-688-8595.  We do our best to return calls within 24 hours or sooner.

What is a Professional Organizer? (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) describes a professional organizer as someone who can provide ideas, solutions and systems which could increase productivity, reduce stress and lead to more control over time, space and activities. Darla has been a member since 2004 (that’s well over 15 years!) and is a frequent trainer at NAPO.

Professional Organizing created a Serene Home Office for Two


“I never thought I would see the top of my desk again. Darla truly works wonders!!!

– client and computer consultant, Lexington, KY.

Professional organizing is more than just neatening or tidying up. With a professionally organized space you’ll not only be able to find what you need when you need it, but you’ll have the tools to keep it organized! We use the SORT and Succeed system developed by Darla to teach five simple steps to get and stay organized longer. Each home is different, so we’ll work to design the right solution of systems, products, and habits that will work for you.

Whether you are living with CHAOS…”Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome” or have a couple of “scary” closets or rooms that are the dumping ground in your home, we can help you reclaim your space.

We help you decide what to keep, what to display, and what to share with others. We NEVER insist that your stuff be thrown or given away.  You make the decision about what stays or goes. Your stuff is an important part of you, but if it is making you crazy we can help.

What is a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®)?

CPO certification is earned by professionals who have met specific minimum standards, abide by an industry code of ethics, and proven through examination and thousands of hours of client interaction that they comprehend the entire body of knowledge and experience required. Darla has achieved this prestigious designation held by only a few hundred organizers across the world, and she continues to pursue ongoing formal education in the industry.

How to Find the Best Professional Organizer For you

If you’ve never worked with a professional organizer, how do you know if you’ve found the best one? You probably want a professional who is kind, non-judgmental, creative, and experienced. We’ve got a list of questions to ask your professional organizer and things to consider.

Is Professional Organizing for you?

You have nothing to lose but your clutter. Request a quick meeting by phone to find out if our professional organizing services are right for you.


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