HeartWork Organizing is seeking homeowners to undergo a DIY (Do It Yourself) kitchen transformation. Homeowners selected will receive the benefit of free product and professional design advice, but will complete the work themselves in a short period (2-4 days) under the guidance of HeartWork Organizing. This is ideal for kitchens with solid and working cabinets and equipment that could use a little love and sparkle.


Candidates must incorporate all three upgrades to be considered:

  • Cabinet painting
  • Stainless steel-type makeover for existing appliances
  • Granite-look counter transformation for existing non-granite counters

Homeowners must agree to:

  • Provide pictures as part of the application process.
  • All adult homeowners/spouses must agree in writing to participate.
  • Meet with Darla DeMorrow from HeartWork Organizing to select material finishes in one meeting.
  • Block 2-4 days to complete the DIY work, consulting with Darla throughout the project. (You may receive help from family or friends, but your feedback will be the voice that I’m looking for.)
  • Provide product feedback for use in marketing.
  • Be quoted for marketing purposes for both HeartWork Organizing and the companies providing product
  • Appear on video for the experience and products.
  • Any other repairs, maintenance, paint or updates are the responsibility and at the expense of the homeowner.
  • Clean the space post-project.
  • Allow a photographer to shoot the finished area.
  • Complete the finished project by February 2, 2013.

Finishes and products used will be decided and managed by Darla. HeartWork Organizing will not provide any additional funds or payment for participation in this program. Participants may hire Darla to work with them on additional changes or finishing touches.  Although not required, participants should be prepared to budget $200-$2,000 for small changes they may want to make for fixtures, accessories, and other finishing touches.

This is not an offer for services or a contest, and application or a response to your application should not be construed as an offer.

HeartWork wants the heart of your home to be as great as it can be. If this sounds like it is for you, please email me with the following information right away!

(Copy and paste the fields below into an email and send to Darla@HeartWorkOrg.com)



Phone/cell numbers

email address

Tell me why you are interested in participating.

Can you complete the work by Feb 2, 2013?

Please attach at least 4 pictures of your kitchen and email to: Darla@HeartWorkOrg.com.

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