Thanks for being interested in a guest post here at HeartWork Organizing.  Your interest and expertise is valued.  When I guest post, I always have a bunch of questions about how to do it, and I thought you might, too.  To help you out, we here at HWO developed a set of guidelines, tips really, that will help you with your post.

We recommend that the jumping off point or theme of your piece be focused on our readers, who are generally interested in organizing and decorating projects that make their lives easier.

  • Guest posts are accepted as is, but we will make corrections for grammar and formatting, as needed.
  • Word count should be between 300-550, unless otherwise approved.
  • Guests posts are not paid.
  • Please include at least one photo to support the article; multiple photos are appreciated. We do not allow stock photos. If it is your own original photo, please watermark it for your business or blog so you get credit, include the source in the post, immediately under the picture, using a format similar to this:

all photos: Copyright © HeartWork Organizing

  • Please include a “resource box” of no more than 100 words, so we can highlight who you are and why we think you are a great contributor, someone they might want to follow in the future. Here is an example:

Darla DeMorrow is a Wayne, PA mom, certified professional organizer, business owner and author of The Pregnant Entrepreneur. Also check out her blog  and request your free 31 Tips for Organizing Space, Time and Paper & Information at HeartWork Organizing.

  • You can also submit a headshot to go with the above “resource box”, but we can’t always use these, for various reasons.
  • You absolutely should include links to your blogs or other resources, if they can legitimately be worked into the post.
  • Please include a post title and 3-5 keywords.  We recommend researching relevant keywords through Google Keywords or other similar tool.  We reserve the right to change the keywords.
  • We highly recommend that you significantly re-work the post (50% or more new content) if you recycle the content on your own blog.  Not doing so has the potential to harm both of our outlets.
  • To be honest, the way I understand copyright and the way this blog is set up here states that HWO owns the content for this particular article, but not to your ideas or hard work somewhere else. This is similar to what happens when a major newspaper interviews you and then writes about it in their paper. I want to shine the light on you, not take credit for your work.  Let’s work together to give readers something cool.

We’ve been at this blogging thing a while, but not really so long.  We know a bit, but we’re always willing to learn more.  If you need help or want to share ideas, please let’s talk!

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