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Date:  four Tuesdays- January 9, 16, 23, 30, 2024

Time:  7-8:30 pm eastern US

Cost: $127 includes 4 live classes AND the Freedom Filer  (Home, 1/5 tab filing system) (credit card and PayPal accepted)

Place: Live format, virtual only. Links provided after registration.

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  • Have you lost important papers or money?
  • Are you looking for a paper organizing solution?
  • Have you wished a TV organizing show would visit your house?
  • Have you skipped entertaining because of paper messes and piles?
  • Have you ever wished someone would show you a better way to keep paper?

You are not alone. Organizing is not only a hot topic for TV reality shows, but a struggle for individuals and families every day. Books can offer strategies. A seminar can offer encouragement. But if you need real, practical solutions that are tailored to how you live, work and think, you can benefit from working with a Certified Professional Organizer®.

And aren’t you lucky, we LOVE this topic! Why? Because getting your papers organized can lay the groundwork for so many other good things in your life! Better financial management. Better job. Better time management. Better relationship with your home and the people in it.

The Filing Freedom and Paper Solutions class is a 4-week live-format class that focuses on one topic and personal project at a time. The live class/support group model offers:

  • Educational support while you learn new habits and tactics
  • Time to complete your filing and organizing tasks
  • A positive, safe & nurturing environment
  • A place that promotes coping skills
  • A network of resources

The series includes 4 class sessions taught by a Certified Professional Organizer®, recommended reading, and a completed project by you!

What To Expect During the Live Format Online Class:

Filing Freedom & Paper Solutions is about helping you create a maintenance-free paper solution for your paper clutter. You will learn approaches that will be immediately applicable. If you complete the work as formatted each week, you will gain both organizing skills AND an organized space.

Classes are conducted in real time, live by Darla DeMorrow, who has been teaching the Freedom Filer system for fifteen years. Classes are 1.5 hours and begin at 7 PM eastern US time.

Each session includes a presentation of organizing tools & tips relevant to the topic, hands-on paper processing in session, your questions answered in near-real time, and preparation materials for the next session.


What Does the FilingFreedom Fee Include?

The fee to attend is $127 per 4-week series, which INCLUDES the Freedom Filer Home 1/5 tab sticker system shipped right to you.*

That’s about $32 per session to solve your paper problems forever! You’d save about that much by not having to pay just one credit card late fee!



In addition to the class fee (which includes your Freedom Filer kit), you’ll use or purchase filing supplies, which you can find on Amazon (affiliate link):

Apx 60 HANGING file folders like these, all one color. You may use hanging files you already have. DO NOT purchase an assortment of file folder colors. Stick with one color, preferably your favorite. Please see note immediately below**.

**If you are re-using old hanging file folders OR if your new hanging file folders come with colored file tabs, please ALSO purchase a matching number of new CLEAR 1/5 cut file tabs like these.

Apx 100+ manila interior file folders like these

A small desktop hanging file box like this,  dimensions app 12.2″L x 6.85″W x 9.27″H

A sturdy filing cabinet like this (recommended metal, 2-drawer)

If needed, interior drawer file frames like this

Note: Links change all the time. If you find these aren’t working, please email us. 


Requirements to attend:

  1. You should be able to attend all sessions in a given series. No refunds for missed sessions or materials. Sessions will not be recorded, although handouts will be made available for missed sessions.
  2. You’ll love the positive, safe & nurturing environment, where everything shared is kept confidential. Bring your questions.
  3. Space is limited to 30 participants. Fees are refundable up to 14 calendar days before class starts.
  4. A picture is worth 1,000 words, so please be prepared to share a shot of your project with the group.
  5. You agree to complete preparation materials in between sessions.

Bonus #1: Reference Guide for Computer Filing

New this session: Included is a bonus printable with file handling shortcuts to help you file electronic documents quickly and efficiently in your PC and Mac computer file folders.

Bonus #2: Alumni Auditing

Once you’ve taken the FilingFreedom class, you may audit it in the future for free whenever offered by HeartWork Organizing in a live format, as long as space is available. We want you to be able to use this system for the rest of your life! Alumni must still register to reserve your seat, as we keep the class size manageable to allow for question and discussions.

Register Here

Still not sure if this is for you?  Please call me at 856-905-3202 or email us.  If there’s a better way to solve your paper problems, I’ll let you know!

Still have questions?

What if I have to travel and miss a class? This is a live-format class, so we encourage you to attend in real time. You’ll receive all of the handout material for classes missed.

Does the alumni offer apply if I purchased the online paper management class? You can purchase the self-paced class here: Organizing Your Papers with SORT and Succeed. However, the alumni bonus to attend a live format class only applies to past participants in the live format classes.

Do I have to buy materials? Maybe. You are welcome to re-use materials you already own that fit the descriptions above! If you don’t already own the recommended items above, we strongly recommend that you purchase them with enough time for them to arrive at your door before class starts. Please DO NOT PURCHASE the Freedom Filer system ahead of time, as one will be ordered for you with your class registration.

Does the class cover business filing? This class is focused on a home filing system. If you have paper filing needs for your small business or rental real estate records, please register for the class and contact me via email to request advice on the add-on module you may wish to purchase.

Can my spouse/sister/parent/child/BFF take the class with me? We encourage spouses to take the class with you, and you only need to register once. Anyone else will need to register separately and purchase their own supplies.

I’m just finding out about this. Can I still join? We recommend that you register before December 23, 2023 to ensure your Freedom Filer package arrives before the start of class. If you register after that date and your package is delated, you’ll likely have it before the second class.

Finally ready to solve your paper problems? We can’t wait to see you!

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Freedom Filer Home 1/5 kit

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