Where can you get help learning to organize on the computer, in the cloud, and on the go with whatever gadget you have?

digital organizing services

You’ve probably spent your whole life getting good at your expertise…but you may still need help getting around on the computer to find what you need, when you need it.

We work with adults and seniors to learn how to organize in the digital world and maximize your Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone.

If tech things are hard for you, we can make it easier with adaptive technology, settings edits, process improvements, or training.

Our 1-on-1 tech coaching offers patient, empathetic, personalized training at your pace, in home, at your business, or virtually anywhere with screen sharing. And yes, we even teach you how to do that. No previous experience required.

Executive Home Office with Gray Desk - with Mac

We absolutely have more patience than you expect to help you learn to become more confident, effective and productive.

Digital Organizing Services:

  • Learn what’s new on the internet and your device
  • Solve your tech frustrations like misbehaving printers and funky fonts
  • Take better notes (and find them later!)
  • Manage passwords better
  • Backup your data
  • Clean up digital files
  • Clean up and manage contact lists
  • Stay organized with a task app
  • Manage projects elegantly
  • Connect to cloud services (if you need to)
  • Control finances better
  • Improve scheduling
  • Deliver better presentations
  • Update operating systems and software
  • Download software safely
  • Purchase the right device next time
  • Connect your devices
  • Protect your data and identity
  • Organize photos


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digital organizing services