clockMaking Peace With Your Day, Time Management Strategies Class

Date:  to be scheduled

Time:  7-8:30 pm

Place:  Wayne United Methodist Church, Wayne, PA

Cost:  $110
(credit card and PayPal accepted) 


Clear Path Strategies is a 4-session support group series that focus on one topic and personal goal at a time. The support group model offers:

  • Educational support while you learn new habits and tactics
  • A positive, safe & nurturing environment
  • A place that promotes adaptive and coping skills
  • A network of resources

This series is a down to earth, action oriented series on managing through aspects of a busy person’s day:

  • Identifying and demystifying social expectations (myths) that keep us hopping and spinning
  • What organization really is (and a little of what it isn’t)
  • Keeping a calendar that works for you instead of against you
  • The benefits of paper versus electronic time management
  • Decision making styles and tools for success
  • Procrastination potholes
  • Principals that shape a path to peace

Planner calendars will be available for those who need a to implement a time-management system.  Personal assistance will be available at no additional charge for those who need assistance making their electronic gadget help them manage their day better.

The time to learn to manage your day, and not let it manage you, is now.  Get more done.  Love your days more.  Have more peace.

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