clutter_controlGeneral Clutter Control Class

Dates:  2014- October 7, 14, 21, 28

Time:  7-8:30 pm

Where:  Wayne United Methodist Church, Wayne, PA

Cost:  $110
(credit card and PayPal accepted) 


Have you bought books on getting organized?
Have you wished the TV show Clean House would visit your house?
Have you skipped entertaining because of household clutter?
Have you taken criticism from others about being disorganized?

If you need real, practical solutions that are tailored to how you live, work and think, you can benefit from working with a Certified Professional Organizer ®. Clear Path Strategies is a recurring support group with series that run for four weeks that focus on one topic and personal project at a time. The support group model offers:

  • Educational support while you learn new habits and tactics
  • A positive, safe & nurturing environment
  • A place that promotes coping skills
  • Emotional support to help you learn you are not alone or hopeless
  • A network of resources

The project will be a room chosen by you. The series location is in Wayne, PA.

What You Can Expect:

This series is about helping you make progress on a select project in your home. You can immediately apply what you learn, and you will have personal access to a Certified Professional Organizer®. If you complete the work as formatted, you will finish the series with both organizing skills and an organized space.

Each series includes 4 classes, a one-hour on-site meeting with a Certified Professional Organizer ® if desired, while you complete your chosen project!

The fee to attend is $110 per 4-week series. Sessions are 1 ½ hours each, offered in the evening. Each session will include a presentation of organizing tools & tips relevant to the topic, reading recommendations, group support of each attendee’s projects, and preparation materials for the next session.

***This class is also appropriate for those who want to begin the downsizing and clutter clearing process before a move.

Requirements to attend:

  1. You must be able to attend all 4 classes in a given series. No refunds will be given for classes missed.
  2. You must agree to honor the positive, safe & nurturing environment.
  3. You agree not to share details of others’ efforts outside of the class.
  4. Space is limited, so advance payment is required. Fees are refundable up to 14 calendar days before the session begins. No refunds will be given 14 calendar days before classes. You must agree to bring pictures of your project to class.
  5. You must agree to complete preparation materials in between classes.

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