Your Car Wants to Be Inside (Garage Organizing for Electric Car)

Your car called and said it wants to be inside. It’s cooler in the garage during the summer. The garage is nicer and cleaner during the winter. If you own one of those must-have electric cars, then you must have access to a plug which is probably…inside the garage. There are plenty of reasons to get that car back into the garage. If it seems like a big job, I hear you, but garage organizing is so worth it according to this couple (and so many others we’ve helped over the years).

Garage Organizing for Electric Cars

Top Tips for Garage Organizing for Electric Car (or Any Car)

Plan your work day wisely. Where we live in the US northeast, we don’t schedule garage organizing during mid-winter or on the hottest summer days. Don’t wait for the inspiration to randomly strike. Schedule your garage organizing day during moderate weather.

Don’t worry about rain. There’s almost always enough room in the garage to organize under cover. And anyway, how often has the weather person called for rain…and then it just didn’t happen? Don’t waste a perfectly good day when you could be organizing the garage.

SORT and Succeed. Start with a clearly stated goal. In this latest garage organizing project, we knew that organizing only one side of the garage was going to be enough for one day (about 3 hours), and it certainly was! Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

garage organizing before


Clear a path to the plug. In that photo above, do you see that black wire trailing out of the bottom left corner of the picture? That’s an electric car charger extension cord that leads to the back wall of the garage. You need that $200 extension cord when you are parking on the driveway. Or…we could clear a path to the charger and make everything about coming home so much nicer every day.

Group things into containers. Shelves will only get you so far. If you have a lot of loot, your garage is going to need storage gear. These heavyweight containers are great for everything from tools to holiday tinsel. Don’t skimp on wimpy, clear plastic that’s going to break in a minute. Get the good stuff for your garage. These bins are called “Extremely Durable Storage Containers from Black and Yellow.” (affiliate links) Looks like someone went all out in the naming department.

garage organizing with containers


Label, label, label. We use one-inch labels from my trusty Brother label maker. They are super visible, even from across the garage. The more you label, the better chance you have putting things away and staying organized longer.

garage storage with large labels


Pick sturdy shelves. I love these yellow shelves from DeWalt. The are super sturdy and just make me happy. They are the perfect place to park all the power tools and their batteries. Vroom, vroom!

garage organizing with sturdy shelves


Turn on the tunes. I say let the person who is grumpiest about organizing the garage pick the music.

Get that car in the garage!!! Even if you don’t think there’s room…there probably will be. Go ahead and steer your car in and see how it fits. Make sure you can open the door and get into the house. You’ll probably be surprised with how spacious it feels!

electric car in the organized garage


Succeed and celebrate! This couple agreed early in the day that their reward would be a “bad” dinner, as in, they treated themselves to a big ol’ pizza. You can eat what you want when you’ve been moving and lifting for three hours!

Before Garage Organizing for Electric Car:

Garage wall before

After Garage Organizing for Electric Car:

After garage organizing with containers


Sure, there’s more to do on the other side of the garage, but there was much celebrating the day this electric car finally pulled into her new home.

The epilogue to this project is that the homeowner is thrilled now that he can get to his tools, and he’s pledged to build custom shelves for the garage walls before our next appointment in the fall. Nothing makes me happier than knowing he gets to play with his tools in this spacious, beautiful garage.

Now you know all my best tips for garage organizing for electric cars (or any car). Will you organize your garage?

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