I’m Sorry You Can’t Buy This From Me

Did you ever notice how many organizing sites try to sell you something? It kind of drives me crazy. We find that 90% of our clients already have 90-100% of what they need to get organized. That is also true when it comes to photo organizing. You probably already have the hardware and software to get photos organized. The critical missing element to getting organized is usually project time. That’s why our Photo Organizing Office Hours could be a game changer for you. I’m sorry you can’t buy this from me…because Photo Organizing Office Hours are free during May 2024. Register here. 

Photo Organizing Office Hours from HeartWork Organizing

I’m Sorry You Can’t Buy This From Me

You are walking around with a super-computer in your pocket, that smartphone we check about every nine minutes, but we aren’t doing a whole lot with. The average American spends over 4 hours each day looking at their phone but still photos feel disorganized, email feels overwhelming, and we feel scattered in general.

We find that so many of our clients appreciate the quiet time of photo organizing appointments. Blocking out distractions for an hour can give you the time to learn how to use your smartphone, your Mac, your PC, and your photo management program so you can finally do what you want to do.

Photo Organizing Office Hours happen Tuesday.

Someday isn’t a day on the calendar. But Tuesday is!

Tuesdays in May (2024) we are hosting free 1-hour Photo Organizing Office Hours. Last week, the group that gathered worked on:

  • Vacation photos- transferring photos from a camera card into a PC folder
  • Face tagging inside Mylio.com
  • Deleting dud photos from the recent month
  • Reading up on their photo management program so they can practice using important features, like syncing and backup

Do you know how to do all of these things with YOUR photos?

Other photo organizing tasks that you probably want to accomplish, and we’ve helped clients with just this past week:

  • create a graduation announcement featuring expensive senior photos (You already paid for those great photos! Now show them off.)
  • select photos for a print photo book
  • select and mark favorite photos of a child, family, or group of people
  • safeguard family photos with 3-2-1 backups
  • upload old photos from old disks and USB drives into main photo collections
  • re-date old photos with incorrect dates
  • set up a new computer or phone so irreplaceable photos are protected and connected to the main photo collection

You probably already have most of what you need to do everything I’ve bulleted above. The big caveat is if you are a PC + iPhone user, your photo life might be much easier if you were using a photo management tool like Mylio.com (affiliate link). Photo Organizing Office Hours gives you an uninterrupted, structured and supportive hour to set it up and explore the magic of a lifetime of your photos at your fingertips.

Photo Organizing Office Hours are free…but priceless!

Yes, we schedule private photo organizing and coaching sessions for clients all the time. My team and I can teach you and guide you from a photo mess to a beautiful, fun-to-use photo collection that goes back to the 1890’s for many people. If that’s the kind of photo organizing help you need, please get in touch to schedule. 

But like I said, I’m sorry you can’t buy this from me because Photo Organizing Office Hours are free. If you already registered for PHoto Organizing Office Hours, then you already have the link in your email. It’s the same link for each Tuesday this month starting at 8 pm US eastern time.

If you haven’t signed up yet, register for Photo Organizing Office Hours here. No credit card needed, no free trial with surprise billing after, and you only fill out 3 fields. It couldn’t be easier to get started.

Click the link above or the image below to register. Be sure to mark the appointment on your calendar so you remember to log in. You only need to register once, as the link stays the same for all May 2024 Office Hours. Can’t wait to see you there.

Photo Organizing Office Hours-link- from HeartWork Organizing



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