Organize Your Photos? Easy! With Photo Organizing Office Hours

Even the organized among us struggle with organizing photos. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with photos since they are coming at us from all angles, print and digital, original and shared, stills and video, all the time. But stick with me for just a moment, because it gets easier. We’re excited to introduce a new way to organize your photos, easy, for FREE for a limited time.

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Photo Organizing Office Hours


Organize Your Photos? Easy!

The Photo Manager’s conference just wrapped up. My colleagues are professionals who spend all of our energy to help you get organized, tell your stories in photos and videos, and pass a legacy to the next generation. I taught a class surveying over a dozen popular and pro photo organizing software platforms. There were other technical classes, covering pixels, scanning, metadata, technology trends, and of course, the use of AI in photos, media and culture. 

In other words, if you thought there were a single button or set of steps to organize your photos perfectly…there isn’t. If there were, we wouldn’t need the field of photo organizing.

We professional photo organizers are constantly educating each other so that we can serve you better. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by your favorite people, like I was at The Photo Manager’s conference 2024.

The PHoto Managers 2024

One of the most precious gifts from this conference came from Stephanie. We got very deep, very fast about what to do with photos when you don’t really have a next-in-line to pass them to. She shared that her journey with photos was a gift to herself, to help her keep life in perspective, to allow her to fully enjoy her life. Her insight touched me deeply. 

After returning home, Stephanie shared the impression I left with her:

Darla provides a looking glass to illuminate the shadows of life. She is a teacher of systems of organization that naturally align the heart into coherence.

^^^ THIS. ^^^

THIS is why I built my company 20 years ago. 

THIS is why my team and I do this work of organizing photos, organizing homes, organizing lives. 

THIS is why my company is called HeartWork Organizing. We bring our hearts to work on our clients’ most important projects. 

I’m always trying to figure out how to help more people enjoy their photos and tell stories from their heart, even if they don’t have time or funds to work with my team and me directly, which leads to my next big idea for YOU…

Introducing Photo Organizing Office Hours

Starting May 7, we’re going to be running an open workspace to help you organize your photos. Photo Organizing Office Hours will be a dedicated time for you to settle and organize your photos, easy, an hour at a time. 

YOU choose your project, printed or digital. 

Log in and get organized. 

This is NOT a lecture or class. This is quiet time and space for you to get things done. 

If you’ve ever wanted to try co-working, this is it. We’re each working on our own projects separately…but together. 

You’ll be able to ask us simple questions (What’s the keyboard command to select batches all at once?) and be able to identify projects where you might benefit from more targeted, personalized training or project management.  

When: Tuesday 8-9 pm eastern time. Join from anywhere. Free each Tuesday through May 28. 

What’s the catch? No catch. Register. Show up. Get stuff done.

Photo Organizing Office Hours-link- from HeartWork Organizing


You do not need to be on camera or present your project, but we will chat with each other at the start and end of the hour to keep you grounded.

Photo Organizing Office Hours in June and Beyond?

Will we continue on with Photo Organizing Office Hours? You decide. If you tell us that Office Hours are the quiet time you need to organize your photos, easy, then we’ll keep it up. Come in May for a free test drive. Click here to reserve your spot to one or all of the May Photo Organizing Office Hours. 

I’m hoping that, working together with other people who love their photos just as much as you love yours, you’ll feel like I felt with my favorite people at The Photo Manager’s conference: inspired, intentional, creative, accomplished.

Accomplish More with Photo Organizing Office Hours

What can you accomplish with Photo Organizing Office Hours? Plenty!

  • Heart your favorite photos and organize them in a folder or album.
  • Move stranded photos off old media into Apple Photos or (affiliate link).
  • Finish (or start) face tagging.
  • Put together that graduation album.
  • Make a Mother’s Day gift and get it ordered.
  • Start planning your holiday cards (it’s never too early).
  • Just gathering together your photos…that can be a good place to start.

YOU pick the project. WE provide the quiet space, support, and accountability so you can be successful.

Need a more structured photo organizing class?

I already have you covered. 🙂 I developed an online course that walks you through how to organize a lifetime of photos, print and digital, how to edit your faves, and how to design and print a simple photo book.

If you’ve purchased my online photo organizing course in the past and haven’t gotten a chance to get through it, I’m giving you these hours of quiet time to revisit that class. Think of it as a jump start for your creative process. And I’ll be on chat the whole time to get you unstuck.

Check out the photo organizing class, Save Your Photos with SORT and Succeed.

Please note: You do not need to purchase this class in order to join us for the Photo Organizing Office Hours, but you DO need to register in advance for the Tuesday sessions.

Save Your Photos with SORT and Succeed online course Pin

I’m in. How do I join the Photo Organizing Office Hours this May?

Click here to reserve your free spot to one or all of the May 2024 Photo Organizing Office Hours. 

Click below for your personal invitation via video.