Recycle Eclipse Glasses Three Ways

Don’t let your eclipse glasses become clutter in your home. If you watch the eclipse in 2024, don’t just toss your eclipse sunglasses in the trash when the eclipse magic is over. You can recycle eclipse glasses three ways or more.

Recycle Eclipse Glasses Three Ways

Recycle Eclipse Glasses Three Ways

In 2017 I was in Manhattan for an HGTV Magazine event while the eclipse happened. It was disappointing, as looking for an eclipse between tall buildings on a cloudy day just is not that impressive. The event host brought in a big screen TV so we could watch better coverage inside. They must have handed us the safety glasses, because I remember turning them into a collection point at my local library not long after.

You might have learned recently that while this 2024 eclipse is a big deal for us here in the US, there is a solar eclipse somewhere in the world about every eighteen months. By donating your eclipse sunglasses, you are gifting protection around the globe to those who don’t have next-day delivery…among other things.

three ways to recycle eclipse glasses

Recycle Eclipse Glasses- Option 1

The big driver in eclipse glasses recycling seems to be an outfit called Astronomers Without Borders. In 2017 they collected three million pair. They certify them, batch them, and ship eclipse glasses to other countries. They work with libraries, science museums, eye care professionals, and other organizations as collection points here in the US. There is an address on their website (lined above), but I won’t list it here, as they seem to want batches. If you do mail your glasses directly, consider throwing a fiver or a donation check in with your donation, as AWS is a non-profit. Hey, it takes money to do good, and every little bit helps.

Recycle Eclipse Glasses- Option 2

If finding a recycling point seems like too much work, you can probably recycle yours in your local municipal paper recycling by removing the plastic lenses (which go in the trash, not recycling). The glasses I purchased from can be recycled this way.

Recycle Eclipse Glasses- Option 3

If you can’t find an eclipse glasses recycling location, or you can’t be bothered, don’t let your eclipse glasses become random clutter in your home. Maybe you want to keep your glasses in case you travel to a future eclipse location. Gather all of your eclipse glasses together, put them in a sturdy envelope to protect the lenses, and label them in BIG LETTERS: Eclipse Glasses. Now, where will you store your eclipse glasses so you’ll be able to find them again? I’ve been asking myself this same question, and here are some reasonable options on where to store my eclipse glasses:

  1. with my passport, foreign currency, and other travel documents (These are all in one place for me. Gather these together if you haven’t already.)
  2. with the luggage
  3. with my backup glasses. I only have a few pair, but if you are a person who has a drawer full of sunnies and backup eye glasses, you’ve probably got room for some eclipse glasses, too.
  4. in a new file folder labeled: ECLIPSE GLASSES. Since eclipse glasses are small and flat, so filing them in a filing cabinet is easy.

Where would you store eclipse glasses if you wanted to keep them?

Please comment below to help out all who are looking for a way to enjoy this moments eclipse without adding clutter to their lives.