I’ve Lost Someone

After 19 years in business, I’ve crossed a sad but inevitable threshold. I’ve lost another client, one who I had been privileged to work with for over eleven years, every single month. That’s a long relationship, and I will miss this guy terribly. It’s hard to know what to do when you lose someone. After I’ve lost someone this week, I thought these three things that might help you when you lose someone.

when to do when you lose someone

I’ve Lost Someone

Prepare and Organize a Will

My client died the morning of our scheduled appointment, and so the family called me. It wouldn’t have been unheard of for him to just miss an appointment, but this time he had a very good reason. It was only hours since he’d been gone, but I was grateful to be able to tell them exactly where his will should be, right down to the drawer it should be in. If you don’t have a will, please do your family a favor, and draft up your last will and testament within the next month. It will save your family much anxiety and money. Through the magic of the internet, you can even do it for low cost or free. Even having a DIY will is much, much better than not having one at all.

Designate Legacy Contacts to Preserve your Photos

His family was in his computer right away, getting ahold of people and business contacts. When it comes to the phone, it can be hard or impossible to get into a private account, but Apple has made it easier by allowing you to designate a Legacy Contact on Apple. Many other services are starting to offer the same. This can also save frustration and time, as it allows contacts, calendars and, of course, photos to be passed to the surviving family. I showed you how to easily set up an Apple Legacy Contact. Since our whole lives are digital now, take a moment to set this up this week. And ask your spouse and children to do the same. Don’t make them tie themselves in knots to get those precious photos.

Donate in Their Honor

I’m donating blood this evening. My client was one of the kindest people I know. He was a dedicated blood donor, and his family asked for donations to the Red Cross. Money is good but blood, as they say, is priceless. Have you ever donated blood? Are you like me, and wait for a blood drive to practically come to your doorstep before making an appointment? Here’s the link to find a Red Cross blood drive in your zip code. They’ve made the process so easy to reserve a time. I think of my time on the donation table as a little zen moment away from it all. When you are literally strapped to a cot on the gym floor, you have no other choice than to let go and relax. And, of course, there are cookies.

Red Cross donation cot

I hope you don’t lose anyone anytime soon. But when you do, be kind to yourself. Organizers are all about putting things in bins and boxes. There’s one last box waiting for us at the end of our days, but there’s a whole lot of living and legacy that we can leave that goes far beyond that box.

John, I was glad to know you.