Good Enough Organizing

Some articles I never write because I’m afraid they won’t be good enough. Ironically, this must have been one of them. There’s perfection. There’s the bare minimum. And there’s the sweet spot: good enough organizing.

Good Enough Organizing

Good Enough Organizing

Look, neither you nor I have the time, energy, or money to attempt perfection in organizing or nearly anything else.

But we can do our best most of the time.

We can put things where they belong or where they will be easy to find.

We can store things neatly where they won’t get broken.

Perfect Isn’t Possible

I can usually spot a perfectionist the moment I walk in a room. They have dozens of half-finished projects and a big mess. They hate to put things in groups because they aren’t sure if the groups are right enough. They hate to label anything because no label feels complete. They need a hamper but can’t decide on the best one, and so clothes end up on the floor in piles.

Good Enough Organizing Gets You to Done

Feeling a sense of accomplishment leads to more happiness.

Do you know how to feel more accomplishment more often? Complete more tasks and projects.

Always leaving open mental loops because you can’t finish perfectly drains your mental batteries.

Done is better than perfect.

19 Done is better than perfect
from Organizing Your Home with SORT and Succeed


Good Enough is Good Enough

In a world with constant media pressure for aesthetic ideals and the pinnacle of productivity, good enough organizing might just be the absolute best spot you can land.

Is there something that you can organize good enough for today?

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