Organize your Digital Life-Step 5- Succeed and Celebrate

How do you celebrate? Are you a wild muppet-arms kind of celebrator? A hugger? Do you only celebrate others? Do you ever take time to say, “Yay me?” Step 5  of SORT and Succeed is to Succeed and Celebrate.

Organizing Your Digital Life-Step 5


Succeed and Celebrate your Progress

We woke up this morning to a power outage. I’d managed to forget to plug in all of my devices overnight so they were all at 20% charge and, you know, I was a little anxious until the power came back on. I still managed to get ready and get everyone out the door on time, without anything digital before 9 am. Thanks goodness for a a good old wrist watch. Your digital life takes some attention, but it isn’t everything.

Succeed and Celebrate - it's time


Ways to Celebrate Your Organized Digital Life

You know how most people celebrate their digital wins? With more digital time.

Scrolling on Instagram or Facebook

Funny cat videos

Pointless games

Binge watching (Are you watching my new favorite show, Astrid? Francophiles, give it a try.)

I’m not saying these are good or bad. It’s just what I’ve noticed.


More Ways to Celebrate Online

Everything is getting gamified, have you noticed? I just racked up 50 consecutive days of French lessons on DuoLingo. It’s three minutes a day. Duo (that’s the owl’s name) got all fired up for me to share with my friends.

Succeed and Celebrate - 1

My online physical therapy app racks up points for each day of activity. I have no idea what the points are for, but more points have got to be better, right?

I think sharing photos with those you love is a good way to spend time on screens.

More Ways to Celebrate Offline

Online is always there, but spending more time online and on screens isn’t the only way to go. Anything that you feel like is a reward can be an option.

Time with a friend, time with a pet, and time out in nature are all scientifically proven ways to feel more human and rewarded for organizing your digital life just a little bit more.

We’ve gone through SORT and Succeed three times this month. You can find the articles, including how to use SORT and Succeed for projects and how to use SORT and Succeed for maintenance here.

I purposely didn’t make this a challenge month

I’d love to hear your favorite Step 5 Rewards here. Please leave a comment below.


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    I spent 5 hours with a friend for her birthday. Felt like a vacay!

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