Organize your Digital Life with SORT and Succeed- Step 4- Tweak Your Digital Life

You’ll have to do more than declutter your digital life to really feel at ease. You might need to made additional tweaks to make your digital tools and gadgets really work hard for you. It’s a broad topic, so let me give you just a few examples of how you can tweak your digital life to feel more organized.

Organizing Your Digital Life-Step 4

Step 4 of SORT and Succeed is to tweak, or make tweaks to your systems, gadgets, and apps so they work for you.

Tweak Your Digital Life

What to Do After Decluttering Your Digital Life

Always learning. That’s how I like to think of those annoying moments where I’m a little (or a lot) frustrated by technology. Something on an app changed. The best practices shifted. I’ve got to adjust.

Tweaks to Digital Organizing

One thing I’m doing less of is check writing, which requires tweaks to my digital life. I’ll admit that I’m a bit old school, and I don’t mind writing a check in a lot of cases, but this NY Times article made a compelling case to stop writing checks whenever you can. I personally know several people who have fallen victim to this mailbox theft and check-washing problem the article says thieves are busy with.

I also learned a few things in this companion article about checks from the NY Times. For instance, gel pens are better for checks than ballpoint ink, which is easier for thieves to wash off. And a reminder to keep the bare minimum balance in a checking account, so you don’t have a great deal of cash at risk. Move excess funds to a money market account, a savings account, or an investment account at a different institution. Remember that the problem isn’t just with thieves. Banks can make mistakes, like my former bank did, so you can protect yourself from those kinds of errors, too. It’s all part of your digital life.

This same article also has good advice about using the American money moving platforms like Zelle and Venmo. What most people don’t understand is that these do not have the same protections as credit cards, so while they’ve become easy for many, they are also prone to fraud. Only in the last few months has Zelle started to refund some fraudulent impostor transactions.

When I traveled to Europe most recently, I went round and round with my bank, who insisted that I should just use my ATM card to withdraw cash as needed. My position was that I wanted a single-use money card that wasn’t connected to any of my accounts in order to insulate them from potential fraud. Ah, the days of traveler’s checks are long gone.

I used to resist turning on 2 factor authentication because it seemed like a real hassle. In fact, I didn’t even have a smartphone until 2021! But now I turn on 2FA whenever I have the option. That’s a pretty major tweak.

Like I said, things are always changing in your digital life. You don’t have to sweat it. Just be open to new information when it comes your way in things like your bank’s newsletter, your accountant’s advice, or your organizer’s articles.


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