Organize your Digital Life with SORT and Succeed- Step 2

When you organize your digital life with SORT and Succeed, you’ve got a system to put order around something that is otherwise unmanageable. I mean, if you put a pile of laundry in a corner, it just stays there until later. But digital information? It’s coming at you all the time. You have to be a bit more active to set up systems to find and contain what’s important to you. But organizing your digital life is do-able when you organize into groups.

Organizing Your Digital Life-Step 2

Step 2 of SORT and Succeed is to organize into groups. How do you do that with digital info? It’s easier than you think.

Organize your Digital Life with SORT and Succeed- Step 2

Use your digital tools to sort information into groups, which you can then delete in bulk or file in bulk.

  • If your goal is: Clear last week’s unread emails, filter emails by date (last week) and “unread”. You’ll be looking at dozens instead of hundreds of emails.


  • If your goal is: Unsubscribe from 5 email lists, filter your email by “unread” and unsubscribe.


  • If your goal is: Favorite photos from last month, start with today’s photos and work backwards. In Apple photos, choose the Year/Month/Day filter at the top of the screen to jump to a different month.


  • If your goal is: Update an old online to-do list, you might just archive everything old, and start fresh from today. Whew!


  • If your goal is: File documents from “downloads” folder, sort by document type to make it easy to find documents that go together. Then batch them together for deletion of filing using the Click/Shift+Click keyboard command.


  • If your goal is: Aggregate vital records for emergencies, start by creating a desktop file folder to store all your vital records as you find or scan them.


  • If your goal is: Install and learn password manager, start by deciding on a password manager (Keychain, LastPass, Dashlane, etc.) and let the password manager populate them as you use them over time. No need to load them all at once.

Don’t Organize this Digital Information

While we’re on the subject, there are plenty of bits of digital information that aren’t worth organizing, in my humble opinion. Please don’t bother. My Evernotes are highly searchable; if they don’t make it into a named notebook, it’s no problem. Email accounts you never check and emails that you’ve already read aren’t worth your precious life-force to organize. If you haven’t seen it, used it, or even thought about it in years, then by all means, don’t organize it!

Quickly Organize Digital Apps on your Phone

For a quick, easy and satisfying digital organizing win, re-organize your apps and icons on your phone. Put your frequently used apps on your main phone screen instead of having to swipe, swipe, swipe to get to them. Here’s how to move icons around and even group apps into folders on your iPhone.  The process is very similar to organize apps on Android phones. 

Can you start to see how taking on tiny little digital organizing tasks can help you feel more in control and organized?

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