Things People with Nice Smelling Closets Always Do

I’m in a lot of closets, and that might be an understatement. If you are on an organizing rampage, you are definitely going to be in your closets. We organize closets to make them function and look better. But how do they smell? Let’s talk about things people with nice smelling closets always do.

Things People with Nice Smelling Closets Always Do

Things People with Nice Smelling Closets Always Do

Clean the closet like you clean the rest of the house, dusting and vacuuming regularly.

Charcoal bags in shoes and boots to eliminate odors. I use these charcoal bags inside shoes and in closets. (affiliate link).

Scent sheets, balls, or sachets to boost pleasant odors. I stick as close as possible to natural scents, and apply lavender essential oil to wool dryer balls (affiliate links).

Avoid putting clothes back in the closet that have already been worn.

Definitely avoid putting back clothes if they smell funky. This Defunkify laundry detergent really worked for me! (affiliate link)

Wash or dry clean outerwear/coats at least seasonally.

Remove candy, tissues, and other items from pockets before storing outerwear.

Check for pests and seal up holes to keep them out. Nothing creates a stink like a dead mouse or critter.

Keep cedar blocks refreshed with cedar oil. (Hint: your cedar blocks aren’t doing anything for you.)

Remove cardboard and packaging, which has its own smell.

Keep dog and pet supplies elsewhere, not inside a closet.

If you have pervasive, stinky house odors emanating from your closets, here are some heavy duty solutions. 

How to remove odors in your home when staging to sell

Do you have any signature closet scent savers that we should know about? Please do tell.

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