Organizing Maintenance – Step 5 of SORT and Succeed- Succeed and Celebrate!

Step 5 of SORT and Succeed for organizing maintenance is a reward A literal reward you give yourself. The reward is something that you choose for organizing progress. When you organize, you get to succeed and celebrate every day, and that is motivating!

Succeed and Celebrate for Organizing Maintenance


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So many people just this week have told me that they are trying to work up the motivation to get started. Did you notice there is no M in SORT and Succeed? That’s because SORT and Succeed is an action-oriented system. You start by writing down just five words, and you end by rewarding yourself in a tangible way. Even if you get it “wrong,” chances are that you still moved something, still tossed something that needed to be tossed, still decided to donate something, and that’s progress. Once you get started, the energy you need to organize follows and multiplies once you start seeing the changes.

Step 5 of SORT and Succeed- Succeed and Celebrate

Progress, not perfection!!!!

Don’t wait until you are “done” organizing to reward yourself for organizing your home, because being completely done isn’t a thing. Reward yourself for doing the small things, the everyday things, over and over, because that’s where the organizing progress is.

organizing the table

Rewards are easier than you think.

You were probably going to enjoy a reward later anyway, but you were going to consider it a “guilty pleasure” or a “cheat.” Instead, call it a reward for organizing progress. Words matter. Reframing will train your brain to feel better about organizing.

organizing the table, after

Organizing Rewards can be free. Here are five ideas.

Put out fresh kitchen towels after organizing the kitchen counter.

Spray essential oil in the car after gathering up the trash or organizing that center console.

Burn a candle at home after clearing off the end table.

Make a fragrant cup of coffee or tea to take on your way to drop off donations.

Enjoy snuggling with or playing with your pet after organizing leashes and treats in the mudroom. Just like organizing, spending time with your fur baby does good things to your brain chemicals.

Succeed and Celebrate for Organizing Maintenance

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Bigger organizing rewards for bigger progress.

Did you make a bigger organizing change? Reward yourself with something a little bigger. Perhaps an organizing splurge. Or a fun class. Or even a weekend trip.

You already have the motivation…that’s your reward.

What would you give to get organized? There’s your answer. Give yourself that! Why not?

Call it a day.

It’s hard to feel great about getting organized when there’s always another pile, another closet, another batch of email, right? That’s why Step 5 is so important. It allows you to mark out where the end of a project is, or where the end of the work is…for today. In our always on, never-ending, bottomless scrolling world, you’ve got to define your own stopping point. A reward signals to your brain that you’ve reached a milestone. Then you carry on from there, a little bit more satisfied with today and motivated for tomorrow.

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