Organizing Maintenance – Step 4 of SORT and Succeed- Tweak

Step 4 of SORT and Succeed for organizing maintenance is where you get creative with tweaks. You might move stuff around a bit, but it generally takes more than one go to really get things organized in a way that works best for you. When you tweak your organized setup, you’ll customize it for you, and it will stay organized longer.

Tweaks for Organizing Maintenance

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Step 4 of SORT and Succeed- Tweak

How do you stop clutter from piling up again?

Moving things around once isn’t going to stop clutter from happening. What change do you need to make to avoid falling back into the same patterns and habits?

Is SORT and Succeed a one-time or ongoing thing?

SORT and Succeed is five steps that you can use for either a big organizing project (like clearing out the garage seasonally) or for daily organizing touch-up. Learn it once and use it every day.

What do you need to help other people stay organized?

You can’t make other people, like your kids and spouse, stay organized in exactly the same way that you would. But you can help them follow along. I mean, we all went to school and can follow rules that were set up by someone else. But how do they know what the organizing “rules” for your home are? You have to tell them. You have to show them. You have to reinforce good habits. Teach them SORT and Succeed. They might not remember it or execute perfectly at first, but they’ll be able to follow along. If you do nothing? You’ll keep getting clutter and chaos from them.

Labeling is a big part of tweaking.

Labels, labels, labels. You can get creative and label without leaving a mark. You can use a system like FreedomFiler to label paperwork and files. If you must, use a label maker. Labels are great to guide others when you aren’t there, but you are also labeling for your future self. As your space and stuff and needs change over time, labels help you remember what should go where. Labels really do help spaces stay more organized for longer.

Labels can help build new habits.

This type of label is definitely to help your future self remember what to do. The painter’s tape label is meant to be temporary and bold! It’s meant to remind this person that clothes go on the bench, not on the floor, which is what she told me over and over. She told us she really wants to “take care of her clothes,” so that’s what the label says. (We added the smiley face.) If she piles on the bench too high and can no longer see the label, we’ve got a second label that says exactly the same thing on the front side. Labels won’t hang up your clothes, but they can help you build a new habit to make hanging up clothes faster and easier. In this case, the distance from the floor to the closet hangers was just too great. But the distance from the bench to the hangers? More manageable. It’s a free tweak that can help build new habits.

labels on bench to help build new organizing habit

Adding or organizing by color can be an important tweak.

If you are heavily influenced by color, then you probably don’t feel done until things are organized by color. Not everyone feels this way, but if this is you, go with it. Rainbow color or blocks of color, both can be motivating.

How to Organize a Small Home Without a Closet-her books

Other creative organizing tweaks

Look around and change things so they’ll work for you. These are going to be organizing hacks that you will likely never see in a magazine. For instance, I start nearly every morning with a set of sun salutation stretches, but I can’t bother with a yoga mat, and I don’t want to store it. So I tweaked my space and keep the yoga mat rolled out UNDER my bedroom rug. I’ve got the cushioning I need, and I never have a yoga mat rolled up in the corner. Don’t worry, I’m not sliding around on my stretches as I purchased yoga socks like these to keep me grounded (affiliate link).

yoga mat stored under rug- organizing tweak

Step 4 of SORT and Succeed is how you stay organized longer.

It might take a couple of attempts to tweak your space to get and stay organized, but that’s ok.

Tweaks are things you do after you think you are done after organizing…but they are often the very things that matter the most.

Tweaks are often free or very low cost.

Your tweaks might seem a little wacky, but if they work for you…then they work!

Do you have any crazy organizing tweaks that you’d like to try?

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