Organizing Maintenance – Step 3 of SORT and Succeed- Reduce, Release, Reset

Step 3 of SORT and Succeed for organizing maintenance is easier with one simple trick: always have a donation or discard bin around at all times. If it is hard to move things out of your space, then they will just plant themselves and become clutter. To reduce, release, and reset, do it daily with the proper tools, which includes a trash can near where clutter builds up. Without a way to move things out, clutter just tends to build up in cabinets and corners.


Reduce Release Reset for organizing maintenance

Step 3 of SORT and Succeed- Reduce, Release, Reset

Where do you notice clutter piling up?

You may need a trash can or a donation bin right there. Have you ever considered putting a trash can in your closet to catch the dry cleaner tags, tissues from your pockets, and socks with holes?

Where to store a donation bin or bag if I don’t have any room?

There’s always room. 🙂 We love to put a donation bin in children’s closets to catch the clothes and today they are always outgrowing. I put my discarded clothes in the ottoman at the foot of my bed. Fill a shopping bag in the mudroom so it’s near the car, which is how you’ll get it to a donation drop off point. Or take donations right to the trunk of your car, if that’s the best place to get them right out of your way.

When should I reduce and release?

The sooner, the better. Hanging onto something “just in case” is hurting your organizing goals. If someone else might be able to use it, pass it on before it becomes useless, obsolete, or undesirable.

Clearing the space opens up possibilities

Most people can’t image something organized until they see changes. In other words, you probably have to move things out of the way to even see the possibility of organizing your home and the spaces in them.

Reduce Release Reset for organizing maintenance

Step 3 of SORT and Succeed is where the fun is

Some people find it rewarding to make a big change, like tossing out a bunch of trash.

Some people find it more satisfying to line things up by color or in neat rows.

Reduce Release Reset for organizing maintenance

Many people can’t believe they have open space on shelves and rods, in drawers, and on surfaces after organizing out the clutter.

Once that space opens up, it’s fun to think of the possibilities to redecorate. Or forget redecorating…just enjoy the thing that you love to do, whether that is crafting, sewing, playing with your kids, or anything else. This step is about freeing you so you can do THAT again.

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