Organizing Maintenance – Step 2 of SORT and Succeed- Organize into Groups

Step 2 of SORT and Succeed for organizing maintenance is easy. You don’t have to think too hard about your groups because you’ve organized that same topic or space with SORT and Succeed in the past. You’ve already figured out what your groups are. Now in maintenance mode, you’ll quickly freshen up those groups. Organize into groups quickly for a speedy organizing win.

Organize Into Groups

Step 2 of SORT and Succeed- Organize into Groups

Don’t put it down, put it away.

Where is away? With the other things in its group.

Where should I start?

Start at the door of each room or storage space and work left to right.

What if I don’t know where something should go?

Finish this phrase: This is a (blah, blah, blah) and I need to do (blah blah blah) with it.

How long will organizing take?

In maintenance mode, organizing small things into groups takes a minute, two minutes, five minutes. It doesn’t take all day. You can do this.

Step 2 of SORT and Succeed is quick when you do it often

Remember those micro-goals?

Micro-goals are those teeny-tiny goals that get you to the next goal, the next level, the next step.

I often use my timer on my micro-wave to accomplish micro-goals. Unload the dishwasher while I’m making tea. Sweep the floor while I’m making popcorn. The reward is built in. Nice.

You are probably already SORTing and Succeeding

Bring home a bag of groceries, you probably put them right in the fridge and pantry.

BAM! That’s Step 2 of SORT and Succeed.

It might take you more than one pass to get a larger space organized, but that’s totally fine. It’s still progress.

For example, you’ve previously assigned a purpose for each storage shelf or each basket on the shelf, and labeling each shelf or bin will make it easier to remember what belongs where. It might get disorganized over time, and that’s totally normal…

Organize into Groups - cleaning supplies before

But it takes almost no time to put similar cleaning supplies together once you’ve decided (in Step 1) to organize these shelves and group things together (Step 2).

Organize into Groups - cleaning supplies after


As long as people are using it, the space might not be perfect, but it is organized. 😉

Is this giving you ideas of how to organize at your home or work?

Can you organize something today? I know you can. 🙂

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