Organizing Maintenance – Step 1 of SORT and Succeed

Step 1 of SORT and Succeed is so easy, you’ll be tempted to skip it. But that’s exactly why you should do it when trying to be more organized at home. Remember those girl dinners from yesterday?  Light! Quick! Everything you need already close at hand! Step 1 of SORT and Succeed is so easy…just write down your organizing goal using 5 words or less.Start with a written plan for Organizing Maintenance

Organizing Maintenance- Step 1 of SORT and Succeed

Start with a written plan of five words or less- even in maintenance mode.

If it takes two minutes or less, go ahead and tackle it in the moment. But you still might want to write it down as a bullet point or a quick note…so you won’t easily get distracted.

There are plenty of easy organizing tasks that can make your life easier and more organized, and take 2 minutes or less.

  1. Clear off the bathroom counter
  2. Put away this laundry load
  3. Clean out wallet weekly
  4. Empty car of trash
  5. Carry dishes to the sink
  6. Fold re-usable shopping bags

Use the SORT Song, the jingle I had written to help you remember how to SORT and Succeed. Move things around while humming, singing, or playing it twice.

Isn’t writing down organizing goals slowing me down?

I don’t know about you, but it’s easy to distract me. Stats say that once distracted, people can take 20 minute or more to get back on task. Having that written record of what you are organizing is cheap insurance that you’ll be able to re-focus quickly, if needed.

Another problem with organizing projects is scope creep. You might start out to just organize things on the counter, but then you find yourself cleaning the faucet, trying to figure out where that random screen came from, moving appliances around that makes you think you need a new (fill in the blank), and the counter still isn’t organized.

Before organizing:
Start with a written plan for Organizing Maintenance

Step 1 of SORT and Succeed Is Satisfying

How often do you feel like you go through a whole day and still get nothing done? That’s so common, and it’s caused by not having a goal and not being able to claim that you reached your goal.

Writing down a 5-word goal may seem trivial, but I promise, it’s not.

We call them micro-goals.

Micro-goals are those teeny-tiny goals that get you to the next goal, the next level, the next step.

It really is true, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. And then another.

After organizing:
Start with a written plan for Organizing Maintenance

Try 2-Minute Tasks with SORT and Succeed

Go small, but make it count.

What are some 2-minute tasks at your house? 

Please comment below and list some 5-word, 2-minute tasks like those above. You’ll get your own creative juices flowing, and probably inspire someone else.

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