SORT and Succeed as Organizing Maintenance

Have you heard of girl dinners? Girl dinners became a shorthand term for a light, quick dinner from odds and ends, on the fly, not a lot of fuss. It’s still dinner…just easier because it’s assembled fast with components already on hand. While you’ve been thinking of organizing as that BIG project you need to take time out of your life for, SORT and Succeed as organizing maintenance can help you shift to thinking about the “girl dinner” version of organizing. Light! Quick! Everything you need already close at hand!

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SORT and Succeed as Organizing Maintenance

Remember the Steps of SORT and Succeed?

  1. Start with a written plan of five words or less
  2. Organize things into groups
  3. Reduce, release, reset your space
  4. Tweak your space
  5. Succeed and celebrate every time

And the SORT Song, the jingle I had written to help you remember how to SORT and Succeed.

What Makes SORT and Succeed Good for Maintenance?

  1. You only learn SORT and Succeed steps once, and then organize every space in your home the same way, every time.
  2. You don’t have to “get motivated” or wait until you can get started. Getting started is part of the process. And even that is super easy. It takes just a few seconds to write down your organizing goal, and you are already 1/5 of the way to the finish line.
  3. Maintenance organizing projects can take just a minute, five minutes, or fifteen minutes. You don’t need big chunks of time.

before organizing:

SORT and Succeed as Organizing Maintenance


Is SORT and Succeed for Really Effective for Maintenance?

Absolutely! SORT and Succeed can be the quick system, just five steps at a time, that keeps your home and your space organized.

Especially if you’ve organized a bigger project with SORT and Succeed, like we talked about last week, now you have places for everything. Making sure your things return to their assigned or appropriate spaces is so easy.

Look, you can do this. You brush your teeth for about two minutes every morning, and you probably don’t even remember doing it today because it’s so automatic. Using SORT and Succeed today and tomorrow and the next day can make so many organizing tasks automatic.

And, yes, anyone can learn to be more organized, according to experts interviewed for this article.

SORT and Succeed can help bring you peace every day.

If you’d like to learn more, pick up a copy of the book here in any of its formats: ebook, paperback, or audiobook.

after organizing:

SORT and Succeed as Organizing Maintenance


How Does SORT and Succeed Work?

Have you ever started to organize your closet, seen up with a big mess on your bed, and felt stuck with a bigger mess than you started with?

Have you ever sorting things into piles on the kitchen counter, and then the next day felt no more organized?

Have you ever opened the mail into piles on the dining room table, and then had to move those piles a day or so later?

You aren’t getting or staying organized in any of those examples because you are only starting — but not completing — all the steps needed for organizing. You need to get all the way from having an idea to get organized, to grouping things, to putting things away, to making room when needed, to personalizing your space, and finally feeling satisfied with your efforts.

If you only create piles, you’re not even half way to the finish line.

SORT and Succeed steps help you remember that sorting into piles isn’t the end, it’s just Step 2 of a five step process.

Can I Hack SORT and Succeed to make it Even Easier?

Yep, I’m a big fan of easy. The easier, the better. Here’s my hack:

Never leave a room empty-handed. 

I’m constantly moving things from one end of the house to another. But it’s rare that I’m moving without something in my hands. I’m always moving things closer to where they need to be, even if I can’t get them all the way there in one trip.

Just like you, I put things on the stairs that I take up on the next trip. I’ll dust just one room instead of waiting for a day to clean. Leaving my office, I’ll take the trash can with me to empty in the bigger trash can.

In other words, with regular maintenance, you may still have piles, but they are TINY.

Tiny piles are easy to organize, put away, or toss.

Easy is Good

Girl dinners are popular because they are easy. Organizing maintenance is easy, too, with SORT and Succeed.

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