Succeed and Celebrate – You’ve Earned It!

Step five of SORT and Succeed is fun on a mission. Step 5 is to Succeed and Celebrate, and I mean that literally. Pick a reward for your efforts, claim your reward for your progress, and enjoy. 🙂 Organizing isn’t all about bins and labels. In fact, organizing is really about living and doing the thing you wish you were doing when you aren’t organizing.

Succeed & Celebrate- SORT and Succeed

Succeed and Celebrate for Better Organizing

Who cares that you organized the linen closet?

Who cares that the cans are all lined up in the pantry?

Who cares that you can find your favorite jeans…and they are clean?

Who cares that you pay your bills on time?

Well, of course, YOU CARE. And I care, too. That’s why I’m always asking my Facebook Group members what their Step 5 reward is as they make progress on their projects.

Step 5 – Succeed and Celebrate.

Why Succeed and Celebrate?

Oh, and your brain cares, too. When you do something once, your brain might like it, or it might tell you it’s hard or stupid or boring. But if you do it a lot AND GET A REWARD, then your brain looks forward to doing it more. Yes, you can train your brain to like organizing.

Put another way, messy people can learn to be tidier, as this recent article states.

Ways to Succeed and Celebrate

Organizing celebration options are literally endless. Some of the favorites suggested by our Facebook Group members involve:

  • spending time with family
  • attending fun events, movies, concerts, etc.
  • small food treats
  • time gardening or enjoying other hobbies
  • deliberate purchases (not shopping sprees)
  • trips and getaways
  • personal care indulgences, like a manicure

Succeed and Celebrate for Organizing Success

Don’t put off your celebrations. This isn’t optional. It’s brain training. 

Don’t wait until you “finish organizing.” Rewards are for progress, not perfection. 

Don’t forget to reward your helpers, if you have them, especially kids. 

Rewards can be free and fun. They can also help you reach your other life goals. Here are some examples:

  • have that second cup of coffee…after you tidy your desk or plan this week’s meals in the morning
  • enjoy a yoga class at the gym today…after you spent time at your desk organizing files
  • enjoy a new candle fragrance…while you finish folding the laundry and putting it away
  • share a before and after photo on social media…after you organize the shelves in your crafting room
  • take a nap…after you clear off the bed

Is Organizing Its Own Reward?

More often than not, I hear people say that looking at their organized project is it’s own reward, and that may be true, but I encourage you to treat yourself to a real celebration, too.

Treat yourself like you would treat your BFF or a small child accomplishing something new. The reward may be as small as a sticker or a literal pat on the back, but  the brain still registers those rewards.

Sometimes the reward is something you buy with the money you find while organizing. It might not be much, but it’s better in your wallet than lost in your clutter, am I right?

Succeed and Celebrate-Step 5 of SORT and Succeed reward


Step 5 of SORT and Succeed

Step 5 of SORT and Succeed is where you make organizing stick.

It’s not optional. 🙂

You deserve a break today. Even if it’s a nap.

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