Meet Me at the Organizing Summit

Are you tired of living in a cluttered and disorganized home? Now is the time for a fresh start. I have a special invitation for you to the Organized Home Academy Summit for free. Meet me at the organizing summit, and let’s start your year off right.

Organized Home Academy Summit


What is an Online Organizing Summit?

Coralie Palm of has gathered organizing pros to share our best advice (and some other goodies) to guide you on your path to a happy, organized home. The summit launches on January 8, but you can register now for this free organizing summit to be sure you’ll get the recordings on time.

You’ll get free access to over a half dozen interviews on organizing topics.

Transform Your Home with Expert Advice for Decluttering and Organizing

Your summit speakers are all pros, and several are authors I know and admire. Here’s what they’ll be sharing.

  • Productivity Training with Jamie Steele, one of my favorite people and NAPO colleague
  • Creating a Bedroom Oasis with Shanice Bannis
  • Organizing 101 for Busy Parents with Jessica Litman
  • Organizing in an Aesthetically Pleasing Way with Home Made Lovely with Shannon Acheson
  • What’s Your Organizing Style? with Cas Aarssen from ClutterBug. Did you catch the Clutterbug organizing podcast I was on with Cas? 
  • Decluttering Decisions with Sharon Rowe
  • The Simplify Supper Solution: How to Master the 4 Keys to Stress-Free Meal Planning & Prep with Carrie Ypma
  • Photo Organizing with yours truly, Darla DeMorrow. Photos are usually the last frontier…and always something you intend to get to…someday. I’m giving you steps you can do right now to enjoy your photos more.

What’s the Catch? What’s the Cost to Attend the Organizing Summit?

Darla, you’re saying, what’s the catch? If you’ve haven’t attended an online organizing summit before, this might sound crazy. Why would these in-demand pros stop what they’re doing to give away their best advice…for free?

There is no catch. Online summits are the best of the internet, where you can learn what you’re interested in at your pace. We laugh. We solve your problems. We try to give you more than you expected with bonuses and resources. It’s just a really nice time. You can re-listen if you need to. You can even organize while you’re listening.

You can listen for free starting January 8, and if you want access after the organizing summit goes offline, you can purchase the recordings. You’ll get the deets when you register. But you don’t have to purchase anything ever. I’ve gotten some of my best ideas from online summits I’ve attended.

You don’t need any special equipment. After you register, you’ll receive the links to the organizing summit starting on January 8.

It’ll be good timing, because the by the second week in January, most people are giving up on their New Year’s resolution to do things differently. Coralie, me, and the rest of these amazing organizing pros will be right there to give you some fresh ideas for 2024.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to tackle clutter, but trust us, this event will walk you through it and address your biggest concerns. We hope you take away newfound motivation to create a space that’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and stress-free.

Register Now for the Organized Home Academy Summit

What do you say? Take a moment to register now for the organizing summit.  You can share this invitation with your friends and family, too. You know…your BFF who can use a little boost, or your sister who is always flustered and flying by the seat of her pants.

Make a date with your bestie to listen to the same summit classes and compare notes after. It’s like asking, “Do I have spinach in my teeth?” when you really want them to check their own teeth. LOL

Pro tip:After you register, mark your calendar for a week of daily one-hour organizing sessions starting January 8. You can listen to the summit classes while you organize at home. Then set up an email folder (or Gmail tag) for all the good info and bonuses you’ll want to keep and refer to later.

We can’t wait to see you there. Let’s make 2024 the year of a happier, healthier home. Click the image below to register now.

Organized Home Academy Summit

You Have Options for Organizing

If the online organizing summit doesn’t seem quite like the supportive hand-holding that you’re after, remember that my Filing Freedom class starts January 9, and there’s still time to register. This class will not be recorded, but is held in a live format online over four weeks when you get to interact with me and your classmates.  Find out more by clicking here. 

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