Filing Freedom and How to Get It

Ask me about the filing system you never have to clean out. There are only two real problems with filing…getting things in and getting things out. Am I right? Organizing paper and filing takes time. It’s fussy. It takes up to much space. And then before you know it, the file cabinet is full. But all of these problems go away if you have a system that tells you exactly what to keep and for how long, and if the system actually tells you when to get rid of old, outdated files, just a handful at a time. Does this sound better than what you’re doing now? Let me tell you about Filing Freedom and how to get it.

Filing Freedom and How to Get It

Filing Freedom Class is Here

This January, I’m once again running my wildly popular Filing Freedom class to help your organize your paper. It’s a live class run over 4 weeks so you not only have time to learn, but you have time to DO the filing that you’ve been putting off for…well, it’s probably been a while.

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I connected with the folks at FreedomFiler over ten years ago, and I immediately knew this filing system would transforms lives. It’s a simple enough package on its own. A slim package of pre-printed and blank printable labels allow you to set up YOUR paper files, relevant to you, in a matter of minutes. It saves hours.

It’s also beautifully color-coded. Many people instantly respond to the six colors in the system that indicate where things belong. Years after setting them up, my clients still tell me they know that something can be found in the “red” or “orange” part of their system.

But here’s the magic…the color coded labels also tell you — in words — how long to keep a set of papers. When it’s time to replace them with a newer set of papers, it takes you less than FIVE seconds to make the switch.

FreedomFiler and Taxes

Once established, the FreedomFiler allows you to keep all of your tax records in one easy-to-manage spot…not your kitchen counter.

My goal for you is that once you have the FreedomFiler in place, it takes you about an hour each year to prepare to meet with your tax preparer (or start your filing yourself, if that’s you).

Yes, it’s THAT transformative!

More Benefits of the FreedomFiler System

Free yourself from cleaning out and reorganize files.

• Eliminate the need to set up new folders each year.

• Have all your documents immediately available at tax time, year after year.

• Instantly locate current policies and administrative files.

• Keep your vital records in a central, easy-to-identify location.

• Make filing as easy as dropping paper in the trash!

Freedom Filer


Real Client Stories

One class participant told me he saved at least 5 hours each month after going through this class and learning a better way to file.

An independent business consultant now spends hours instead of weeks getting ready for her tax meeting each year. Without the system, she used to lose $$$ in deductions because she lost receipts.

I visit a client just a few times a year, and I can finish her filing while she’s out of the room because her file folders are always organized.

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FreedomFiler Expert

I am FreedomFiler System Certified and I am trained in the use of FreedomFiler’s maintenance-free filing systems. FreedomFiler System Certified affiliates are qualified system experts.

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Paper Management is More than File Folders

If the FreedomFiler is so great, why does it need a 4-week class? I’ve been teaching paper management for over 19 years. Transforming a lifetime of paper mess takes more than a minute.

Some people need the education on what to keep and how long.

Some people tell me they know what to do, but they need someone to help them do it. They sit and file during the class.

Other people need to set aside the time to make filing happen, which means they probably don’t have a functional system to start with.

Some people refuse to let a file cabinet in their home because they don’t want their house to look like an office. (Are we finally past that since the work from home days of the pandemic?)

Having a file cabinet doesn’t mean you have a file system. It’s what’s inside the file drawer that matters. 

What my Filing Freedom Class Includes

  • Each full registration includes a Freedom Filer shipped directly to you. Please register now to have time to ensure yours arrives before the first class.
  • Educational support while you learn new habits and tactics for handling all types of paper
  • Time to complete your filing and organizing tasks. **This is huge!
  • A positive, safe & nurturing environment where you can ask questions in real time about your paper. What if…? What about…? Do I need to shred…?
  • A place that promotes coping skills

More than just filing, we’ll cover many different types of paperwork and related questions:

  • medical paperwork
  • financial paperwork
  • education paperwork
  • eldercare paperwork
  • childcare paperwork
  • business records

The multi-week format gives you time to try something new with your files and overcome any internal fiction while you handle your own files. It also allows you the time to complete a big project at the start of the year, setting yourself up for filing success (and a cleaner house) for the entire rest of the year.

And yes…we’ll even talk about what to buy and where to put that filing box or cabinet so your home still looks pretty.

What About Going Paperless?

If you’ve made the switch to mostly paperless billing and paperless everything else, you probably have noticed something strange…there’s still a lot of paper in your life, and now you have a digital mess, too!

Once you learn the solid filing principles in this course, you can re-create either the file folders or just the concepts in your digital file system, too.

2 Bonuses for Filing Freedom 2024

New this session: Included is a bonus printable with file handling shortcuts to help you file electronic documents quickly and efficiently in your PC and Mac computer file folders.

The second bonus is the alumni auditing option. Once you take my Filing Freedom class in its live format version, you are always welcome to audit the class again when I teach it in the future, space permitting. You still need to register. See more details here. 

What Not to Do with the FreedomFiler

If this sounds like a great idea to you, don’t make the one mistake I’ve seen over and over…people who love the idea of the FreedomFiler buy the sticker package and then…nothing. It becomes clutter and the filing never gets done.

That’s why the class is clutch. You get the FreedomFiler file tab sticker package AND the support to make the changes you crave. You block the time and meet with me in real time, live format.

Don’t remain a piler. Become a filer. 

Register Now for Filing Freedom

I LOVE teaching this paper organizing class because it can transform lives and homes. I’ve seen it over and over. People have told me they get hours back each month. I’ve helped people get their totes of tax records out to their accountant. I’ve seen the clean desks for myself. The benefits are real.

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