Tonight! Get Your (Organizing) Game On!

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Will we see you tonight at our Organizing Game Night? I hope so! It’s tonight at 7 -8 pm eastern. Register here for game night. It takes 2 minutes.

Once registered, you’ll receive the links to the 1-hour event.

What’s in it for you? This is no regular zoom meeting. the talented and motivating Kassidy will explain SORT and Succeed and how the DeclutterGo! game works.

Then Kassidy will roll the dice, call out the sequence, and give you time to get some real organizing done.

DeclutterGo! - game


Register here for game night.

When the timer chimes, we’ll share accomplishments and laughs, motivating us each for the next round of organizing.

You know, that stuff you’ve been putting off…

That pile you’ve been ignoring…

That box you’ve been meaning to open and empty…

That table you’re gonna need cleared for the holidays…

That cabinet you need to clear before company arrives…

We’ll break down just about any task so you can make real progress. Just like these people did…See how happy they are???

Organizing Game Night

And yes, if you choose, you can join without your camera on. We’ve got so many ways to help you get where you want to go!

You don’t need even to prep or do anything before the game night meeting! How great is that?

You can ask our professional organizers your questions and actually get some organizing done in real time when we see you tonight.

Who will be the winner? YOU will!

I’m thrilled to have this new tool to help YOU. Finally, game night makes organizing more fun. 

Register here for game night. It takes 2 minutes to register, and Kassidy and I can’t wait to see you there.