Thanks for your well wishes after last week’s post about organizing (or not) when you are sick. I’m glad you know you aren’t alone. (Yes, I did write it just for you!) But now it’s time to catch up.



This Save Your Photos Month is our eighth year to encourage you to preserve your photos. The Phoenixville Public Library has added a Save Your Photos zoom event on 9/29/2023, so you can RSVP here and attend from anywhere. Bring your Q’s, as I hope for this to be a mostly Q&A event just for you.

register here for HeartWork Organizing event

My favorite tip from SaveYourPhotos.org so far is from Isabelle Derveaux’s free class. She advises to delete or at least manage your screenshots as an easy start to organizing your digital photos. Find them all on your iPhone: My Albums>Media Types>>Screenshots. 

My survival tip for Back To School: take a photo of all school forms and add them to a BTS2023 album. I already had to resubmit a form that a teacher lost.

ICMYI means in case you missed it.

They got the guy! That escaped murder you heard about was loose in my area for 14 days, but I’ll sleep better tonight.

I’ve been having good luck with Dove Hair Therapy Rescue & Protect 1-Minute Serum & Conditioner (Amazon affiliate link, but I bought mine locally at CVS). I’m also liking this Dove Brilliant Gloss & Repair. Have you tried it for fine, frizzy hair or split ends?

I’m grateful I’m not single and dating, but if I were, I’d absolutely keep a dating spreadsheet. 😁

This is some sane, solid advice to help deal with parents who hoard. 

Good news! You can keep those last few Netflix disks you forgot you had. They’re shutting down the DVD business for good.

Speaking of movies, it’s unlikely but you can check your closet full of vintage VHS tapes to see if they are valuable.

Here’s a sneak peek at this home we just finished staging this gorgeous home in Devon, PA. Contact me if you are looking for an amazing family home with nearly every single amenity I could name.

Staged and For Sale


Since I got behind on my email in August, I thought you might have missed these blogs, too…

These academic calendars are keeping my kids on track. It’s cool to see them learning to juggle their busy schedules. 

Organizing any storage area, like this community storage room, with SORT and Succeed, vertical storage, and labels.

Treat your movers well. Your whole world is in their hands for a few hours or days.

Wrapping up with another photo-oriented tidbit, check out my gorgeous teal blue vacation photo album. To die for! Would you choose this color for your next photo album?

Have an amazing week, friends. I hope something in here made your life easier or brighter.