Luxury Home Staging Tips (and Organizing Game Night)

To get the best sale price for your home, follow these luxury home staging tips, whatever your listing price.

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Luxury Home Staging Tips

Luxury Home Staging Tips

This house was already beautiful when we arrived for home staging, but it was also lived in by a real family, which meant that we could still improve this luxury home. Home staging turns an already great home into a model home that every buyer can’t wait to move into. Home staging allows us to show the best possible side of any home. So in a luxury, million-dollar + listing like this, what are the key luxury home staging tips to follow? And can they apply to a home like yours, too?

More Features, Less Furniture

We removed some furniture, which the family moved right into their new home. Scheduling two moves allowed them to reduce the stress of the move and maximize the value of this property.

Luxury Home Staging Tips- more features

Minor re-arrangements highlighted the symmetry of the main living room. Symmetry instantly makes buyers feel at home, like all is right with the world.

Luxury Home Staging Tips- less furniture

This oversized hallway is big enough for furniture, but luxury is in the wide open spaces.

Luxury Home Staging Tips- more space in hallway

Home Office Rules

The one thing this luxury home doesn’t have is a dedicated home office with a door. But it does have a basement nook that is the perfect size for a home office. Previously used for storage, it’s perfect for an adult or student. In addition to this home office nook, we also set up a small desk in nearly every other room in the house, to show the work-from-home versatility in a luxury property like this.

Luxury Home Staging Tips- home office

Luxury Home Staging Tips- home office

Don’t Renovate. Refresh

A big renovation before moving almost never pays off. But refreshing a space can be as easy as a coat of paint and swapping in a new eye-catching vanity and lighting.

Luxury Home Staging Tips- refreshed bathroom

In fact, lighting can either instantly date a home or create instant appeal. Lighting is “jewelry for the room.” Simple farmhouse-style fixtures are very trendy right now.

Luxury Home Staging Tips- lighting

In adjacent spaces, matching light fixtures pull the two spaces together and shows that the home has been cared for, which is something that matters to buyers.

Luxury Home Staging Tips- updated lighting

First Impressions Matter

You’ve heard it before, but first impressions matter. Crisp front door paint, details like a fresh doormat, and appropriate landscaping instantly draw you in.

Luxury Home Staging Tips- first impression landscaping

If your buyers approach from the side or rear entrance, a decked out, colorful patio can seal the deal.

Luxury Home Staging Tips- first impression patio

Pro Photography For Luxury Home Staging Tips

If your realtor isn’t hiring a pro photographer, you might be missing out. It’s tricky to show all the benefits of a double-sized room like this. Luxury home staging tips apply to oversized rooms big enough to have two beds, two armoires, two dressers and also a full-sized desk. You want the buyer to be able to appreciate large rooms online, so they can’t wait to come see them in person.

Luxury Home Staging Tips- large room photos

Kitchens are also tricky to shoot. You can help keep the focus where it needs to be by clearing off the counters completely. Yes, completely! A pro photographer will be able to capture not just the counters, but the floors, cabinetry detail, telework, ceiling lighting, and interesting ceiling angles as well. A luxury kitchen might be what turns an online browser into a showing, and a showing can turn into an offer.

Luxury Home Staging Tips- kitchen photos

Luxury primary bedrooms are often hard to photograph in one shot when they are oversized. A pro can photograph the entire room. Even more important, they can balance or fix the lighting, so the main feature of the room can shine. In this case, one of the room’s main features is the gorgeous view onto a park-like setting.

Luxury Home Staging Tips- large primary bedroom

Luxury Home Staging Tips Work in All Homes

Once this luxury home sells, this listing link will be inactive, but I hope that it’s given you some ideas on how to improve your home’s look and function in the meantime.

Thanks to the Brett Furman team for another great partnership project and for permission to share these photos. Please contact them for advice on listing and selling your home in the Main Line, PA area.

No matter the size, location, or price of your home, I hope this article inspires you to make the most of your home right now.

Reminder: Last chance! Register for our Organizing Game Night tonight, July 18 OR August 8. Click here.  Procrastinators welcome. 🙂 

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