Home Staging Secrets For Your Home

It’s home staging season, and my team has been hard at work making homes look gorgeous and making more money for sellers. Do you want to see how you can use our home staging secrets for your home…even if you aren’t moving?

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Home Staging Secrets For Your Home

Before I give you a tour of our recently staged home, I have to tell you that it’s already gone. Within a week of going on the market, this home received the winning offer that was about $15K over list price (which more than paid for the staging costs). Most of our staged homes receive their winning offer within 2 weeks, and it’s not unusual for them to receive offers at or over list. I’ve been staging homes for over 18 years, and results have been consistent. When you present a beautiful home that people can’t resist, you get solid offers fast.

Home Staging Secrets For Your Home.png



Home Staging Secrets for the Living Room

It does take a bit of work to stage a home for sale. In this case, my team of four spent a solid week turning these befores into beautiful afters, starting with the living room. To make the most of your space, pare down the extra furniture. This means setting up the room with what you have and wrangling donation pickups and whatever else you have to do to offload things you don’t want to keep. Doing this allows you to highlight fab features like a fireplace, built-in cabinets, and big windows. The living room is also where you start to remove your personal pictures when home staging, and you can read why here.

home staging-LR-before - 1home Staging-LR after


Home Staging Secrets for Kitchens

You might not think you can do a lot to change your kitchen when home staging, but as you can see, removing your personal clutter and possessions can do a lot to open up the space and help the buyer focus on the home’s features, like beautiful counter tops and big windows. Make it bright and clean. Even if it isn’t the most updated, people fall in love with big open kitchens. No home is perfect, but you can make yours the best it can be.

If you are staying in your home, wouldn’t it be nice to have it look and feel like a model home?

Home Staging-kitchen-beforehome staging-kitchen 1-after


Home Staging Secrets for Dining Rooms

Don’t make the mistake of trying to sell a dining room without a dining room table. Most people can’t really see the scale of a room without furniture in it. Even if you have to borrow or rent a pretty dining room table, as the homeowner did here, it’s absolutely worth it to complete the picture for your buyer.

If you think that the two pictures below look very different, you wouldn’t be wrong. Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting, a fresh coat of paint, and pro photography.

Home Staging-DR-before

Home staging-DR-after
after photo courtesy of the Brett Furman Group


Home Staging Secrets for Every Space

Don’t leave any space under-utilized. Features like nooks can sell a home. This little hallway nook was overpowered by an outdated desk hutch. We created a destination by removing the hulking hutch and setting the space up as a little art corner. Now it tells a story. Can’t you see a child hanging out in that nook and doing homework or painting? Buyers pay more for useable space. You might remember I have a thing for nooks. 

home staging-nook-beforehome Staging-Nook-after

Home Staging Secrets You Can Use

Hopefully these photos clearly show that home staging is more than just organizing, but paring down the clutter is a great place to start.

Staging is what you do after you declutter and organize.

Staging uses the furniture, lighting, color, and art to call attention to the features in a home AND the lives that the buyers want to live in that house.

Kudos once again to the Brett Furman Team on this property.