Organizing Game Night

Is there any way to make organizing more fun? Absolutely! The DeclutterGo! dice game is one of my new favorite things, and we want to play with you during our upcoming Organizing Game Night. NEW DATES JUST ADDED. 

Organizing Game Night with HeartWork Organizing and DeclutterGo!


What is an Organizing Game Night?

Kassidy, a HeartWork Organizing team member and professional organizer, will host our virtual organizing game night featuring the new game Declutter Go!

Organizing Game Night with Kassidy from HeartWork Organizing

CPO® Lynne Poulton created the game because she wanted to make organizing feel less like a chore and more fun. We love the concept, because it dovetails perfectly with SORT and Succeed. 

During Organizing Game Night, we will roll the dice, set a 10 minute timer, and…go! When the time is up, the group will come back together and share. There will be laughs, hopefully no tears, and for sure some surprises.

Get started on projects that you may be putting off…with a fun twist. We want to make organizing your home fun. Kassidy from HeartWork Organizing will guide the game, and you’ll meet other people who want to get organized too. Research shows you are more likely to get organized if you have the support of a friendly group.

When is the Organizing Game Night?

Our next Organizing Game Night will be on July 18 at 7pm-8pm eastern and costs just $20. Register here. 

Can’t make July? We’ve got one planned for August 8, 7-8 pm eastern. Use the button below to register for either date.


Aren’t the game dice super cute????

DeclutterGo! - game


Get Your Own DeclutterGo! Game

You don’t have to purchase your own DeClutterGo! game to join us for Organizing Game Night. But if you love it and think it can help you or your family members get organized, you can get one for yourself.

Receive free shipping off your own DeclutterGo! game by clicking this link: or using the code “heartwork” at checkout. You’ll order directly from the game creator, Lynn, pictured in green below while you support another small business.


Organizing game night with DeClutterGo creator Lynne Poulton

Game Night FAQs: 

Is there a charge for Game Night? Yes. $20 gets you into game night. Register here. 
Why isn’t Game Night free? If you commit, you are more likely to show up online. You know it’s true. 🙂
What will we organize? 
Lady Luck and the DeclutterGo! game dice will guide the night with 3 rounds of organizing.
How long will it last? We’ll start on time and end in an hour. Plenty of time to get motivated.
Do I have to be on camera? No, you can turn your camera off once you join. Or you can just join by audio if you don’t have a camera.
Can I join by phone? Sadly, there is no dial-in phone-only option, but you can join from your smartphone just by clicking the link you’ll receive in email once registered.
Who will be leading the meeting? Kassidy, one of our favorite organizers at HeartWork Organizing, is super psyched about getting to lead the game.
What’s the difference between Game Night and a Virtual Organizing Session? During a Virtual Organizing Session, we provide individual advice, an focused action plan, and follow-up notes for a $125 fee. But not everyone can afford that, so Organizing Game Night is your affordable alternative. It’s sneaky and fun, and only $20. We’ll be doing it together.
Will you make me throw things out? No, but Kassidy is happy to help with all organizing questions.
My sister/friend/babysitter really needs this. Can they join? Yes! The more, the merrier. Please forward this article to them.
I can’t make it. Will this be recorded or offered again? Not recorded. Sign up for any of the dates offered.
Tell me again how I join? Register here. After you register, we’ll send you the login link for the organizing game night.