3 Clever Photo Organizing Apps You’ll Love

Will we see you at this Saturday’s photo organizing event online? If you’ve got photos, and especially if you have kids, you don’t want to miss it. Register here for the photo event, even if you suspect you might need to listen to the recording. Dottie and I can’t cover everything in just an hour, of course, so let me share 3 clever photo organizing apps that you’ll LOVE playing with.

3 Clever Photo Organizing Apps You'll Love


3 Smart Photo Organizing Apps You’ll Love

1. Hidden Photo Organizing App for PC + iPhone Users

If you love taking photos on your phone our wish you could do more with them on your PC, check out iCloud.com. Most people don’t know they can see their photos on a big screen. What a difference it makes! You can even import old photos through your computer to get all of your photos in one place.

2. I Heart Photos

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, that tiny little heart inside Apple Photos is a powerful too to organize your photos. On Android, you have other options to tag your favorites that work basically the same way. Put a heart/flag/star on those photos, and easily group them together or find them later.

3. Most Addictive Photo Organizing App

If hearting thousands or tens of thousands of photos sounds dull, then meet Ollie. He’s the adorable little photo organizing helper on the Ollie (formerly known as GoodOnes) app that helps you mark the best, the rest, and trash. (affiliate link) It all happens super fast and feels like a game. So fun!

Ollie from GoodOnes app


Don’t think you have time to get your photos organized? These apps will help, but we can do even better. We can organize your photos tout suite in our office or virtually with you wherever you live.

Stop wishing you could find and share important photos. Let’s make it happen, starting with our free photo organizing even this Saturday. Register now so you can get the goodies!