Teal Living Room Redesign – Couch Position

Room makeovers are one of the core skills at HeartWork Organizing. I added this service after so many clients would say, “Now that I can see the room without the clutter, I’d like to make some design changes, like new paint or carpet, or maybe just moving things around.” A living room makeover is one of my favorites, because you’ll enjoy it every day. This teal living room redesign is a fun one. It perfectly demonstrates why and how to start with the couch!

Teal Living Room Redesign


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Teal Living Room Redesign

This room redesign started weeks before I got there, when the homeowner painted with a bright teal wall color. This is one of the many reasons I love this gal. I’ve worked in her homes over the last fifteen years, and there’s always been a bold splash of color, very often heavy on the teal. When you have a signature color, you can use it over and over again, because it makes you happy. This all-over wall color takes it to the max and makes us both happy!

A Designer’s Eye

Sometimes my design clients will have a flash of brilliance (like this teal paint) and then get stuck. I love working on these projects because my designer’s eye allows their personal style to shine through using mostly the items they already own. What is a designer’s eye and can you develop it yourself? This quote from Stephen Orr, Editor in Chief, Better Homes and Gardens magazine, May 2023, explains it well.

The reason for having a point to view–or as my editor would say, an eye–is to have the confidence to make a decisive visual statement. And it’s a rare trait. Many of us are unsure or lack confidence in the visual arts…I value people who know how things should be arranged and feel it in their bones.

As I plan designs for clients, I know, without measuring or plotting on paper, where the couch wants to be. I know whether to lay the rug close or farther away from the fireplace. I just know that the blues will go together (or not). But I also spend hours (often days or weeks) turning over options in my head, mentally moving furniture before doing any “real” work.

Before in the Teal Living Room Redesign

The floorpan was everything in this room, and it didn’t quite flow. The furniture had all come from different homes, and they were fighting to tell a single story.

Teal Living Room Redesign Before


We had plenty of patterns to choose from. That blue striped couch up against the teal wall wasn’t cutting it. She said we could lose the couch if needed, but I have always known that even an unfortunate couch looks better in the right spot. The was absolutely not an unfortunate couch, but there were better spots, and we were going to find the best one.

(While you are looking at the couch, peek out the slider to the left of the couch and notice that rattan chair hiding in the corner.)


How many times have you looked at a room in your home and wished for it to just feel “pulled together?”

Goals for this Teal Living Room Makeover

The client and I had several goals in this room —

  • Comfy TV viewing
  • Great conversation area
  • Make use of the space where the dining room table might have gone at one time
  • Make the room feel balanced, especially from the hall leading to the bedrooms
  • Believe it or not, amp up the color even more!

After in the Teal Living Room Makeover

Are you ready for the big reveal?

Teal Living Room Redesign After


See, it really is all about where the couch goes! By pulling both couches away from the wall, I created a cozy conversation area, and the blue striped couch isn’t fighting with the teal anymore.

Teal Living Room Redesign After


This tall rattan chair that was supposedly too big for the room is actually a great anchor to the room’s far corner, balancing out the luxurious height of the ceiling. I want to cuddle up there and read for a bit, don’t you?

Teal Living Room Redesign After with rattan chair


I cut up one of the old curtains to re-upholseter the ottoman. The pattern on the ottoman worked in the old house, but wasn’t quite as bright as this room wants to be. Great furniture should have more than one life! A staple gun and some patience was all it took to make this change.

Teal Living Room Redesign After -ottoman


When you’ve got a good thing going, you’ve got to work it. We added even more stripes with coral pillows, layered with floral pillows. Correction: those florals are actually just velvet pillow covers (affiliate link) that slipped over her old pillows. And they are so soft!

Teal Living Room Redesign After -stripes


Those pillows work because they bring in the coral pink that starts at the front door and peeks out in several places.

Teal Living Room Redesign After - long view


Where the striped couch used to sit, now we have the beautiful mirrored table in a grouping with art, accessories, and lighting.

Teal Living Room Redesign After - table


The trick to having a room look pulled together is bringing in your favorite things and having them relate to each other. I love this functional and sweet side table with coral and shells.

Teal Living Room Redesign After - shells

By the way, all the furniture was here for this big transformation. The only new items were:

-curtains $90

-pillow covers  $40

-2 new pillows $40

coming soon – a new rug for under the ottoman, but the placeholder will do for now.

My only regret in this room is that we didn’t get a chance to hang her boyfriend’s stunning photographs down the hallway. He’s really talented, and personalizing your home with your photos is always something I love to do. Speaking of photos, did you register yet for our upcoming photo events?

Organizing Photos for Parents of Teens- Events-HeartWork Organizing


There are plenty more room redesigns and ideas here on the site from the last 18 years that I’ve been making rooms more beautiful.

I say this every time, but this might be one of my favorite rooms. If you feel at home here, too, please contact us to create a living room redesign for you.

Just in case you are curious, you can see what the couch, pillows, and TV stand looked like in the last house I redesigned for this same homeowner, which had a glam coastal living room vibe.

glam coastal makeover living room