Organizing Photos for Parents of Teens – Event Invitation

If you have kids, then you have, had, or will soon have teens. You really shouldn’t blink! You have a unique opportunity to honor your teen with photos, just when it really matters to their self-esteem and personal development. But what parent has the time to do everything you want to do with your family photos?  I’m inviting you to TWO special events on Saturday, 5/13/2023, to learn more and spill the secrets on taking and organizing photos for parents of teens.

Organizing Photos for Parents of Teens

Organizing Photos for Parents of Teens

TL;DR     Register for in-person here or register for online here for upcoming photo organizing events.

What are your biggest questions about taking and organizing photos when you are a parents of teens? We’ll answer these and more at our two events on 5/13/2023.

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We want you to check photos off your teen to-do list…

If your child was born in 2009 or after, they have never lived in a world without an iPhone! But their earliest photos are probably prints or digital photos trapped in an old computer. It feels overwhelming to cross that bridge between print and digital photos…but it’s time.

Five Things to Do with Teen Photos

1. Let teens pose for photos their way

Does your teen avoid having their picture taken? Hate their baby pictures? Always want to take a “silly” picture? Do all of their pictures look too staged? A seasoned pro photographer can work with them to get the shot you want. You can learn to do it, too.

2. Are people still printing photos? 

Yes! Prints still matter, especially to the most photographed generation in history!

3. What are the big trends with teen photos?

Not surprisingly, videos are hot with these kids. Many people now edit prints and video clips into a custom production featuring their teens for a unique gift.

4. Want to decorate your home with family photos?

YOU get to tell the story of your family. The photos you hang in your home help shape the memories your kids will take with them always. It takes less time than you think to print and hang your favorite photos. You don’t need to feel like you are “behind.” It’s never too late to feature your favorite people, and updating your home with photos can be easier than you think.

5. Mark Your Favorite Photos

If your important photos are already digital, you have a very powerful tool already in your hands…the favorites button. On Apple it’s called the heart; on other platforms it’s called the star, flag, or tag. You don’t actually have to organize every single photo you’ve ever taken. Just mark your favorites. This will go a long way toward getting your teen’s photos organized, and you can start today this the photos on your phone!

Already feeling overwhelmed about your child’s senior year (or high school in general)? 

Darla and Dottie have both been there. You still have time to capture unique moments that will never come again. We’ll share expert tips to reduce your anxiety, let you enjoy this season of your life, and capture it forever with photos.

How to handle your teen and their photos?

I teach photo organizing classes, and we specialize in organizing complex photo collections, but capturing a real live teen in front of you is a different kind of challenge.

Dottie Foley will be my special guest at both events on 5/13/2023. She’s the creative pro photographer at Her specialty is in capturing teen senior portraits and helping their families celebrate them through high school graduation. She’s going to share what she’s learned as a mom and a pro photographer for teens and children for over 15 years.

Dottie Foley Photography

I’ve asked Dottie to help me highlight what parents need to know about their family photos>>>> because high school is only four short years!

If you are already starting to wonder how to put together a tribute to all the sweet moments of your little one who isn’t so little anymore, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll discuss how family photos can help both of you, parents and teens, bridge to a wonderful new time in your lives. The research says that children who literally see themselves in their family lineage via photos tend to have better mental health!

Many people are so overwhelmed with a lifetime of photos that they stay stressed and never do anything with their teen’s pictures. Even worse, families pay hundreds of dollars, even thousands, for senior portraits and family photos that stay locked on a thumb drive forever. Don’t let that be you!

I can’t wait to have you meet Dottie. You are going to absolutely love her like I do.

Who Should Attend the Organizing Photos for Parents of Teens Events

This is for parents, caregivers, and grandparents of teens who want to capture and organize family photos to feature their teenage children. Even if your kids aren’t quite teens yet, or they recently graduated high school, please come. These are some profiles of real clients:

-a working mom of two boys heading off to college, who wanted a special video tribute to play at graduation parties

-a super-involved aunt who has loved to take pictures of her nieces since they were babies

-the non-techie mom of nine (9 kids!) who loves gardening, yoga, and definitely not computers

-the grandma who makes personalized photo calendars every year for the family, and wants to do something special for the latest crop of graduating grands

-the mom of two adopted teens who says the kids don’t believe they were ever babies because the baby photos have been trapped on old computers until recently.

Event 1- Register now for the In-person Class

You learn best when you are in the room, someone holds your hand and answers YOUR questions about YOUR photos. There’s nothing I’d like to do more.

Please register for the in-person class in my office in Wayne, PA on 5/13 at 9:30-11:30 am. Dottie, my staff, and I will be offering a hands-on class on how to take and organize photos, featuring:

-how to capture your teen’s personality

-how to gather your physical photos together

-what to do with them once you’ve gathered them

-how to gather all your digital photos in one place

-how to find and mark your favorite photos of your teen…to be ready for celebrations!

We encourage you to bring your photos and devices so we can help you learn what to do what your photos. No theory…actual handling of your photos!

There is a $20 fee for this class, paid in advance, non-refundable. Why? We priced it low enough so anyone can come and high enough so you’ll be sure to show up. We know how a Saturday morning can sneak up on you. 🙂

No additional purchase is required, but supplies and SORT and Succeed books will be available for purchase in our beautiful new office. Space is EXTREMELY limited and the in-person class will NOT be recorded.

Bonus Gift for In-Person Attendees

The first 15 people to register and attend will receive a cute tote bag from our friends at Ollie (formerly known as GoodOnes) app.

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Register here for the in-person event.


Event 2- Register Now for the Free Webinar

Does this photo organizing webinar sound exactly like what you need to feature your teen the way you want to?

Register for this free photo organizing webinar now.  You’ll immediately receive the webinar link in email.

Not sure if you can attend at 2 pm eastern? Register and we’ll send you the recording if you don’t make it. But it’s always better to attend in real time to get your questions answered.

Bonus Drawing during the Webinar

Register in advance, attend the live webinar event, and you might win a professionally designed photo book (restrictions apply). (giveaway subject to policies)

Which Event is Best for you?

Event 1>>>> Click here to reserve your spot in person on 5/13 at 9:30-11:30 in Wayne, PA.



Event 2 >>>> Click here to register for the free webinar on 5/13 at 2-3 pm eastern.

We’ll be thrilled to see you there!