Paper Organizing And Financial Wellness

Are you mostly organized, but your papers are still a problem? Yeah, you aren’t alone. I’ve noticed that paper organizing and financial wellness have a special link. I’m inviting you to TWO special events on Saturday, 2/25/2023 to learn more and solve your paper problems.

Paper Organizing And Financial Wellness

Paper Organizing And Financial Wellness

Do you know the biggest reason we keep papers that turn into clutter?


Fear tells us to keep papers because “I might need it someday.”

Fear says that it might come in handy in case of an audit.

Fear of missing out even has a trendy name…FOMO.

Brochures, junk mail, receipts, coupons, keepsakes, bills, and tax forms. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

How Does Organizing Relate to Financial Wellness?

I teach classes on paper management to people experiencing homelessness and to millionaires. Are you surprised to find that they both have the same problems when it comes to paper?

Megan Scott of Beacon Bridge Wealth Partners in Conshohocken, PA and I were talking about how we are both essentially doing the same thing…helping the people we serve get healthy through better organizing strategies and financial strategies. We’re both on a mission to help people simplify and get the help they need to live well.

Megan Scott of Beacon Bridge Financial

Many organizing clients over the years have asked how to get started saving, who to ask about investing a bonus or windfall, or how to set their kids up with a better start than they had.

I’m super excited that Megan has graciously agreed to join us on a free webinar on Saturday, 2/25/2023, to share strategies and answer questions on these topics: how to get started on the road to financial wellness through organizing, no matter whether you have a little or a lot.

Who Should Attend the Webinar

This webinar is FREE and will run for about 60 minutes. It’s for real people like these:

-single 40-year old who works a regular corporate job and loves to travel when she can

-entrepreneur who is keeping his sanity building a business he loves rather than taking the “safe” but inflexible corporate job that doesn’t allow much time with family

-divorced and re-married mom who has a chronic health issue

-widowed attorney/mom of college kids who plans to remodel her home

-super-smart, financially stable woman who is paying all the bills late because she’s exhausted from caring for her husband suffering from Alzheimers and poor heath

-single woman with her first professional job, paying off student loans

-professional who is closing up his mother’s estate and reclaiming missing money that was escheated to the state


Paper Organizing & Financial Wellness Event


Option 1- Register Now for the Free Webinar

Does this webinar sound exactly like what you need to get you started on the road to financial wellness?

Register for this free webinar now.  You’ll immediately receive the webinar link in email and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a lovely Brother label maker. Because labels make everything better. 🙂

Not sure if you can attend at that time? Register and we’ll send you the recording if you don’t make it. But it’s always better to attend live, since you never know what else I’ll give away during the real-time event. Attending live is also the best way to get your questions answered.


Option 2- All Zoomed Out? Come Play in Person!

I get it. You don’t just want to stare at a screen. You need people and experiences. You want someone to hold your hand and answer YOUR questions about YOUR piles. Honestly, there’s nothing I’d like to do more.

If that’s what you need, please we invite you to register for the in-person class in my office in Wayne, PA on 2-25 at 11:30 am-1 pm. My guest Megan, my staff, and I will be offering a hands-on class on how to set up files, featuring:

-my 3 favorite file folder systems and why they work for different people

-the benefits of file labels (and why they work for both digital and paper folders)

-what the heck is a tickler system, and how it can help you get all the clutter out of your home office

-why you don’t need to keep as much paper as you thought you did

-when you need to keep MORE paper than you might be keeping right now

-when and where to get advice on those tricky financial situations and paper retention guidelines

We encourage you to bring a tote bag or shoe box of your papers, so we can help you learn to process your papers into a real, functional filing system.

There is a $20 fee for this class, paid in advance. Why? We priced it low enough so anyone can come and high enough so you’ll be sure to show up. I mean, where else would you want to be on a Saturday morning than with us??? Talking organizing???? 🙂

No additional purchase is required, but reedomFiler packets and SORT and Succeed books will be available for purchase in our beautiful new office.

Space is EXTREMELY limited and the class will NOT be recorded, so contact my office today to reserve your seat.


Which Event is Best for you?

>>>> Click here to register for the free webinar on 2/25 at 10-11 am eastern.


>>>> Click here to request your seat in person on 2/25 at 11:30-1 pm in Wayne, PA. We’ll send you all the details.

We’ll be thrilled to see you there!