Celebrate Organizing Progress

What have you done for YOU lately? I hope you organize and I hope you celebrate organizing progress.

Celebrate Organizing Progress


Did you know that SORT and Succeed is not only an organizing system, but it’s also a prize-delivery system?

Take a look:

organizing success

Yup, right there, in black and white, Step 5 is built right in! That’s the step where you claim your prize for organizing progress and you get to celebrate, baby.

Celebrate Organizing Progress

Look, I know that you think organizing is its own reward. I mean, how could you not love a little desk drawer that looks like this?

organize desk drawer


Can you see yourself completing a medium-sized organizing project like this t-shirt drawer?

organized t-shirt drawer


Can you imagine ending up with a linen closet beautifully organized like this?

organized linen closet

For those of us who love organizing, we could look at these spaces all day.

But if you need a little boost of motivation? Bribe yourself. Let your current self promise your future self a reward for effort.


reward yourself for progress not perfection

What Makes Good Rewards to Celebrate Organizing Progress?

For progress on a little organizing project, maybe a fancy coffee. (I needed one myself this morning to get started.)

For a medium-sized organizing project, maybe reward yourself with a guilt-free nap.

For a larger project, maybe treat yourself or your family to dinner or a trip to a local museum, like I did recently. That blur in the left is my kid, who had enough pics that day.

trips are great to Celebrate Organizing Progress

Your reward can be anything you like. If you need some more ideas for organizing rewards, check this out.

It’s the last day of January, and I hope you’ve been kind to yourself this GO Month.

I hope you are motivated to keep getting more organized so you can share your brilliance with the world.

I hope you feel more in control.

I hope you are creating a home that makes you feel safe.

And I hope you reward yourself with something fun or cuddly or yummy.