If it Takes 2 Minutes or Less

What are you organizing this weekend? So many people have told me lately, “I see your emails and I love the topics, so I’m filing them to read later.” They give me the “dog ate my homework” eyes, because they know that LATER isn’t a square on the calendar. I’m here to encourage you in 2-minute chunks, or 15 minutes with SORT and Succeed, or in 3 hours if we have a chance to work together in person. The first place to start is always this organizing principle: if it takes 2 minutes or less, do it now.

If it takes 2 minutes or less, do it now


If It Takes 2 Minutes or Less, Do It Now

This one little organizing tip is magical.

Instead of putting the mail on the counter to read later, skim it now in less that 2 minutes and then recycle.

Instead of letting laundry build up, take 2 minutes to put clothes away. You can get a lot done in 2 minutes! If it takes longer, figure out how to simplify the task.

Instead of keeping all of my excellently crafted emails, skim for 2 minutes. The articles are saved on my website. You can always search my site for the topics that interest you.

Skim Organizing Articles in Less than 2 Minutes

Want to get organized this weekend? I’ve gathered all of this month’s articles in one place for you.  But PLEASE don’t think that you can or even should do them all. Pick one and make progress. It’ll only take you 2 minutes to get started.

Get organized for new year

Progress is better than (non-existent) perfection!


Search for Organizing Advice YOU Want When you Want It

Many readers have asked to find something specific on my site this month. With over 1,100 articles, you will probably find the topic you need. If you don’t find your topic, I’d love to hear what you want me to write about.

Here’s how to search at HeartWorkOrg.com on a computer. Look for the search icon at the top right, click, and enter your topic like mudroom or toys, Evernote or curating photos.


You can search on mobile, too. The search option is in the Menu in the top right corner.

If it takes 2 minutes or less

Once the menu is open, then enter your topic in the search bar.

If it takes 2 minutes or less

I hope both the 2-minute organizing rule and the search tips help you with your organizing goals this weekend.