Photo Detective: Solving Photo Mysteries

There are so many cool mysteries buried in our photos. Have you ever been intrigued — or even obsessed — by an old photograph? Who is that little girl? Why are those people in front of that building? Who is that kid that doesn’t look like the others? What stories does this old photo tell about my family?

I recently was a guest on Maureen Taylor’s podcast. She’s known as The Photo Detective. Her expertise is using proven methods for putting names to the faces and answering questions about old photos, like who took the photos and why, so you can preserve your family’s history.

Maureen Taylor photo detective

Maureen and I are two peas in a pod. We both love putting order to family photo collections so they can become even more meaningful.

In this podcast we discuss:

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Photo Detective Maureen Taylor

Photo Detective: Solving Photo Mysteries


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If you feel like you have a photo mystery to solve, contact Maureen for a personal photo consultation.