Colorful Craft Room and Jewelry Studio

If neutrals are your jam, look away now! This colorful craft room and jewelry studio makes me smile from ear to ear, because the creative woman who owns it can easily play with her things now.

colorful craft room organizing before and after

This one afternoon of SORT and Succeed organizing was fast-paced and fun!

Not everyone is lucky enough to have an entire room for all the things!

craft room corner-before organizing


Like so many of us, this gal has more good ideas and good intentions than she has time.

Lucky for us she also has lots of organizing supplies on hand, some of which were empty, and some of which we re-purposed.

craft room organized bins

The trick to staying organized is going to be following the plan that these LARGE labels lay out for her.


To be fair, some of the craft supplies got stranded in time when COVID hit. Many of us suddenly had workshop materials but no way to offer the workshop. Now that we’ve found the soap-making supplies, what do you think the chances are of holding a soap-making workshop? Pretty good.

craft room metal bins

Love. This colorful craft room corner makes me happy. Now she can walk in and grab exactly what she needs for her craft projects.

Craft room supplies

Before you run out and load up on plastic bins to organize your own craft room, take a breath and take inventory of what you already have, including storage containers like wire bins, cardboard boxes, fabric bins, pegboard, display frames, glass bowls, wicker baskets, and metal racks. All of those things — and more — are here in this room, too.

You probably already have what you need to get organized. I can’t wait to hear how this room inspires you to get crafty in your own home.

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  1. Stacye Brim

    Great inspiration! Just this weekend I was trying to figure out what I’m going to do with my jewelry making supplies…and inventory!

    1. Darla

      Jewelry and other crafts have so many pieces, that organizing them can take up a lot of energy, but it’s worth it when you get to express yourself without getting frustrated. I hope you make something lovely today.

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