Bigger than a Breadbox

What goes in a breadbox? It’s not a trick question. Bread goes is a breadbox, silly! We’re back to organizing the kitchen with one of my favorite recent additions.

breadbox helps organize and save money

Bigger than a Breadbox

I hemmed and hawed and had breadboxes on my shopping list for over two years before I bought this breadbox from Amazon (affiliate link).

breadbox with bamboo lid

Would a breadbox really work? Did it keep bread fresh longer?  Yes, the NYT Test Kitchen reported. Although I rarely have my daily baguette left over, at $3.50 per loaf, even a half loaf going to waste is a crime.

Is bread box one word or two? Either seems to be acceptable.

I searched high and low for a blue breadbox that would go with my kitchen colors.

fruit bowl solves kitchen organizing mistakes

Technically this is “mint” color, but it skews blue, not green.

mint blue bread box

The magic is the vent holes in the back that somehow perfectly regulate humidity needed to keep bread soft and fresh a day or two longer.

vent holes in a breadbox

The lid doubles as a cutting board.

breadbox with bamboo lid

Pro tip: I measured before ordering so it fits perfectly on the counter. It’s easy to make a mistake and purchase a too-small or too-large kitchen appliance and get — you guessed it — more clutter.

I have very little food prep counter space, so my breadbox lid had to be flat. I knew the fruit bowl was going to live on top, so the lid couldn’t be curved or sport a handle. Thinking ahead like this keeps your counters clutter-free by using a main organizing principle: use the vertical space!

fruit bowl on top of breadbox

Now I have an extra day with a baguette before having to make Apple Pie French toast. 

Does a Breadbox Pay Off?

A year after purchasing, this breadbox has earned a place in my heart and in my kitchen. It has cut down on food waste and definitely paid for itself. It stores loaf bread, naan bread, pastries, and every other kind of bread. I don’t have piles of pastry bags in the corner, and the kitchen feels more organized and color-coordinated.

Breads that don’t have a strong smell can be stored together if your box is big enough.

Sometimes I wish it had a window so the family can see that there is bread in there, but it’s a tradeoff for the clean look.

Saving money, reducing food waste, and looking cute as a button, it really is bigger than a breadbox.

Do you use a breadbox? Anything to add in the comments?


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  1. Teresa Marron

    Love the new breadbox!

    1. Darla

      Thanks for reading, Teresa. Having useful things that are also pretty in your kitchen makes such a daily impact!

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