Are You a Vitamin Hoarder? (And Other Organizing Topics)

There have been some really thoughtful organizing topics in the news lately, and not always in the places you’d expect to see them.

Are You a Vitamin Hoarder? (And Other Organizing Topics)

Are You a Vitamin Hoarder?

My friend Michelle Tennant Nicholson wrote about having a better relationship with your body and breaking up with vitamins and supplements that can cause more harm than good. She’s been on a diet for decades, and her honesty hits home with many people in the same boat. Those crammed cabinets aren’t just disorganized…they are trying to tell you something.

I only heard the term “doom bag” last year, and now we’re reading about “depression rooms.” Thank goodness there is more of a focus on mental health than ever before. Everyone has brilliance, and there’s no reason your brilliance has to be in organizing. By leaning on friends, pro organizers, and even YouTube influencers, everyone can find a way to create a home that makes them feel safe and healthy.

When organizing your home, there are so many creative and useful ways to pass on things you can no longer use. This article covers 13 lesser-known places to donate after decluttering.  If you don’t find what you are looking for there, remember that I maintain a big list of donation resources here.

When you think of money, you probably don’t think “smart and fun,” but conscious spending will get you there. Change your mindset and change your wallet…or something like that.

I kept it short today short because our attention spans are shrinking more than we know! Here’s how to stay focused in a world of distraction.

It’s hard to stay focused when you are hungry, so let’s get you fed. This one-pot Spanish rice was a hit at my house.

I’m here to encourage you in all the ways that can bring more peace and calm into your life. You CAN get organized 15 minutes at a time with SORT and Succeed or any of the approaches outlined in the articles linked above. We’re all on a journey to a more organized world together. Why else do you think that these major organizations write about these topics?

You are not alone.

You are amazing.

You are loved.