My new favorite word might be choregasm. It describes how happy you get watching someone else get organized…instead of actually getting yourself organized IRL.

We’re halfway through January. Have you gotten things done at your place, or are you wasting time engaging in choregasm? Most of the projects that I’m hoping to inspire you with are either small projects on their own (15 minutes or less), or they are big payoff projects that you can do 15 minutes at a time.

Here’s that list of organizing articles, one for each day in January 2023.

Surely you can find at least one project that excites you!

Get organized for new year

If you need it, take today as a bye day, like a bye week in football. Rest and relax.

I always wondered where that term came from. According to, “The term is not related to goodbye but is instead believed to be an alteration of by, as in the team is “standing by” to play later, or “bypassed” while other teams play.”

Want even more short organizing projects? Pick the quick organizing project (or choregasm) that makes you happy from these posts, each of which have a month of organizing projects or other resources to choose from.

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