How to Organize Your Closet

Anytime you are looking for a fresh start, your closet can be a jumping off point, but it can feel like a really big job at the same time. Don’t let organizing your closet overwhelm you. SORT and Succeed is here for you, too, with a single strategy for how to organize your closet.

Oh, and you’re invited to an organizing event this Saturday. Details are at the bottom of this article.

How to Organize Your Closet


How to Organize Your Closet

Start with a specific plan. You don’t have to organize everything in your closet all at once. Just do what you have time for. If you share a closet, just work on your own stuff, not your partner’s. You do you.


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Organize into groups. Actually, your things are probably in groups already: hanging clothes, folded clothes, shoes, accessories. Just work on one group at a time.

Reduce, release, reset. Touch everything at least once. My favorite strategy is to take all the hanging items out of the closet and pile them on a clean bed. This way you can look at them in good light and decide whether or not they have earned the right to go back in the closet. If not, place things in your donate or trash bins. Face all of your hanging clothes the same direction on hangers, and put them back in your closet. I want to tell you this is quick and easy, but we can easily spend 2-4 hours organizing a wardrobe with most of our clients. Pace yourself. Work for half an hour at a time, with a timer on, and make sure to leave enough time to put everything back into your closet and the donation bags in your car on the same day.


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I’ve never once had a client have to go naked after organizing closets because they tossed too much. It just doesn’t happen. If something doesn’t flatter you, you do not have to keep it. Use Darla’s Wardrobe Laws to help you decide.

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Tweaks for organized closets can be fun. My favorite closet upgrade is new hangers. It’s OK, you can call me a hanger snob, but it’s one of the fastest, cheapest, longest-lasting organizing improvements you can make anywhere in your home. Other tweaks can include adjusting shelf heights like we did here, creating a vanity shelf (especially useful if your bathroom is too small), and adding 3M Command Hooks to use the vertical space. Save space by using specialized hangers, like pants hangers or Higher Hangers. You can find some of my favorite hangers here(affiliate link).

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Succeed and Celebrate! If you’ve found a fun outfit that you haven’t had a chance to wear in a while, celebrate by going out to eat or, heck, even run your errands in it. Feel like you need a few new fashion items? Don’t just go shopping. Check out my secret for a quarterly wardrobe refresh.

With these five steps of SORT and Succeed, does organizing your closet seem like something you could do now?

Organizing Event This Saturday -You’re Invited!

Want to come hang out with me? We’re doing a Facebook Live event on this Saturday, 1/7 at 10:30 am eastern time. We’ll talk S.O.R.T. and Succeed, fancy folding techniques that can save you space in your closet, and any organizing questions you have. This event is free with registration here or click the image below. We can’t wait to see you.

SORT and Succeed organizing and folding event