Looking Back, Planning Ahead

Did you know that I think about YOU all the time? Nearing the end of the year, I have been thinking about what my favorite clients and followers (that’s all of you!) have accomplished this year and what you have planned for next year.

Looking Back, Planning Ahead


Looking Back, Planning Ahead

Looking Back on Organizing

Several clients this year made slow but steady progress on new flooring for much of their entire home. New flooring is literally the foundation of your home, and it’s a herculean effort to deal with all of the stuff on top while you switch out the floors. But they did it! Choosing the materials, organizing dozens of crates and bankers boxes to get ready for installation, wrangling contractors, and living through weeks or months of upheaval can lead to wonderful things! Here’s the payoff in one case where we decorated from the ground up.

comfortable beds lead to better sleep


We were honored to help many people during their recovery from illness, including cancer, depression and COVID fatigue. If you are one of those who put off organizing because you don’t feel well enough, please know that organizing is often part of the cure.


Planning Ahead

Our clients have big and small plans for next year. They plan to renovate their kitchens, get the kids off to college, get a new kitten, downsize and move cross-country, organize their closets, and finally get those photos organized. Maybe not all at once. Sometimes it starts with just one drawer…

organized scarves in a drawer


My executive coaching clients are mostly in a planning cycle right now. My corporate clients are doing year-end reviews, but my small business clients don’t have that structure built-in, so we work together to complete a Super Simple Business Plan in only an hour. I love how often you move professional goals forward after you finally get “unstuck” with personal organizing and planning challenges. And I love how often you start to save money, protect your assets, and take better care of your health when you put your professional goals in order.

Am I crazy to remind you that my Super Simple Business Plan has been available for free for years? I’ve seen it drive people like you, year after year, to get clear on your goals for next year. But it only works if you click on it and block the hour to write down your plans. Need help? You know where to find me. 


My Own Look Back and Plans

On the whole, I feel like my own 2022 was pretty stable and maybe even boring, but it’s stunning to look back over a whole year and see the changes in the rear view mirror. The big news for HeartWork Organizing was our move to new offices. My staff is thriving here, and we are able to serve our photo organizing clients even better. If you’ve had a chance to work with Angela, Kassidy, Jean, or our other team members, you know how wonderful, caring, and smart they are.

HeartWork Organizing Team


There were personal achievements, too. I faithfully stuck to a morning schedule of daily stretches and virtual physical therapy that has nearly eliminated debilitating pain I lived with for years. Small chunks of time and effort, less than 15 minutes of PT each day led to dramatic results. Sounds a lot like SORT and Succeed, right?

I also completed the Super Simple Business Plan earlier this week for myself, just like I’ve done for over 15 years. I invite you to borrow my planning tool (link above), even if you aren’t a small business owner. I promise, it gets you thinking about your plans, your hopes and dreams, your time and your money in a whole new way, and it’s very fast.


What’s Next?

January is GO Month (Get Organized Month), and we look forward to helping as many people as we can. It’s our busiest time of the year, no surprise there. I’ll continue my New Year’s tradition of publishing one short article each day in January to help focus your organizing efforts and success. You don’t have to do (or even read) each of the articles. They are shorter than usual.  The headlines themselves are the organizing prompt. They are focused on projects that you can either start immediately or complete in small 15-minute chunks, using the SORT and Succeed system. If you can’t wait to get started, remember that the SORT and Succeed books and classes are always just a click away.

Want even more help? Save the date for January 7. We’ll be having both an in-person event in Wayne, PA AND a webinar for remote clients on Saturday, January 7 starting at 10 am. Save the date for 1/7/2023 and email me that you want to come play.   

Until the next time, I wish you peace and a merry everything.